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Battlecruiser Millennium Gold Announced

by Thomas on July 20, 2002 @ 10:38 a.m. PDT

BCM Gold was announced earlier today and is scheduled for a tentative Christmas release. BCM Gold is an update to Battlecruiser Millennium. In addition to numerous fixes, upgrades and new features, BCM Gold includes several unique enhancements. Read more for features!

Several new enhancements include :

·All updates and enhancements to the original BCM

·5 new star systems with over 20 planets and moons

·50 new planetary mission zones and scenes

·10 additional starstations and 10 starbases

·2 new single player ACM scenarios with 30 missions

·20 new single player Instant Action scenarios

·Built in multiplayer* support for up to 32 players

·Non-dedicated server support (fast systems only!)

·Support for co-op multiplayer ACM scenarios

·Support for team and PvP multiplayer Instant Action scenarios

·Support for Fleet vs. Fleet multiplayer scenarios

·New updated printed manual, online appendix etc

* BCM Gold multiplayer servers are not compatible with BCM servers!

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