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'No Name War' - Update & Screens

by Thomas on July 21, 2002 @ 11:08 a.m. PDT

Two years ago AMC Creation started to work with 'NO NAME WAR' (NNW) and its a PC RTS war game with an concept based on combining the RTS with RPG elements. According to player's options, the stress can be moved either on pure real time strategy or on RPG-influenced strategy. The title will be released in Q4 2002. In the last months, AMC Creation came up with a brand new 3d engine, improved graphics and a more ergonomic concept. Read more below!

A classic RTS on a scale never seen before!

• Over 80 units (infantry and armor, air, land and sea based), each with specific abilities and upgrade, capable to sustain specific damage

• Over 70 buildings, some mobile, also with offensive capabilities, divided into three different tech trees

• Three different races, with specific behavioral patterns and able to learn from player’s actions, accessed through different interfaces, partly customizable

• Vast single-player war: three campaigns, through a unique story unfolding along eighteen scenarios

Covers all the gist of modern warfare!

• Led your troops into large-scale ground offensives or armored clashes, maneuver your ships in long-range or point-blank naval battles, engage in tight dog-fighting or send in your stealth bombers deep into enemy’s territory, harass and sabotage the enemy in daring commando missions

• Watch enemy units die in a blaze of glory, disintegrating into fiery explosions – or watch yours…

• More than 200 weapons (ranging from crossbows to heat-guided missiles), some with alternate fire-modes, firing independently from unit’s orientation and able to simultaneously damage more than one unit when exploding

• “Real AI” (i.e. not relying on information unavailable to the human player), accounting for more veridic decision making and adapting to the human opponent's play-style, acquiring on its own new targets and retreating when the odds are against it

Expand your RTS experience with RPG challenge!

• Choose or create a Leader with a specific skill and weapon for your army and manage his character states on screen, in the heat of the battle

• All your units will gain experience and acquire specific skills

• Keep your army alive at the end of each campaign and continue improving it in the next battle or scenario

• Interact with more than 20 NPC’s, also with various units and buildings

• Solve at your own will over 30 quests and discover the terrifying secrets behind the No Name War universe

" OCTAGON ENTERTAINMENT INC, is looking for a worldwide deal for NNW "

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