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The Lost (PS2) - Screens & Features

by Thomas on July 22, 2002 @ 10:35 a.m. PDT

In November 2002 Ubi Soft Entertainment will give you the chance to traverse the 9 circles of Hell. The Lost for the PlayStation 2 is a Survival Horror RPG inspired by Dante's infamous classic and developed by Irrational Games (System Shock 2). You play Amanda, medical student, young mother, and waitress-by-day.


As Amanda, you've had your share of hard times; your betrothed has abandoned you and your daughter to fend for each other, your parents have practically disowned you for living your own life instead of their idea of how you should live, money is always tight and you are falling further behind. Amidst the constant ringing of bill collectors, the fact your grades are slipping, and your boss giving you even fewer hours, tragedy strikes. The most terrifying tragedy...

Emotionally shattered, all hope is lost. Beaten down by feelings of guilt, despair, and the fear that the only way out is by giving up, you're on the verge of ending it all. That is until HE whispers your name. "Amanda..." you hear in a soft, but harsh, voice. You turn to see a man of worn visage, and dark eyes. His clothes appear to be dated, yet you cannot place the specific time. He has the look of a man who definitely does not belong to this world. He doesn't say how he knows who you are, or even what his name is, all he offers you is an alternative...

Full range of movement in a world of unprecedented detail.

4 unique characters that you freely switch between, each with their own special strengths and weaknesses.

3rd person perspective providing insight into what is happening to your character.

Rich indoor/outdoor environments utilizing the PS2's advanced rendering capabilities.

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