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Help 'Vicky the Viking' Conquer His Big Trial!

by Thomas on July 22, 2002 @ 2:17 p.m. PDT

Tivola Publishing, the award winning publishers of children's educational games is pleased to announce the launch of Vicky the Viking: The Big Trial. The new CDROM game presents the 80s cult TV cartoon classic in a wonderful new interactive setting. "Hey hey Vicky, hey Vicky hey, you and your Viking friends!"

Vicky the Viking: The Big Trial is a magical story of thoughtfulness and ingenuity where children learn to use their memory, logic, creativity and imagination to help Vicky solve problems not with weapons, but with brains and common sense. Vicky needs the help of clever children in his quest to join his father, Halvar, the Chieftain of Flake, on a voyage to the high seas to discover new and far-off lands. But, in order to prove he is up to the challenge, Vicky is set a big trial. He must catch more fish than the fisher, Tjure, swim faster than the fastest swimmer, Gorm, and prove his strength against his father, Halvar, and finally there will be a test of courage … no easy task for a small boy!

But, with the guidance of bright children, brave Vicky can outwit them all! Undeterred by the jeers from the other Vikings of Flake, Vicky is determined to rise up to the challenges put upon him and join his father and the other brave Vikings at sea. As he approaches each of his challenges in The Big Trial, Vicky takes the time to think things through before hitting on the best solution. And sooner or later, Vicky will utter, in original voice-over, his classic phrase, "I've got it! Yes. It's going to work!"

Educational Values

Trains memory and logical thinking and encourages problem solving skills

Exercises shape and pattern recognition and instils persistence

Helps to develop emotional and social awareness

The game can be played in German as well as English as an introduction to foreign language

The Fishing Challenge
Catching more fish than Tjure isn't going to be simple, so Vicky must use his creativity and quick wit to invent a fishing machine to rival the master angler. Using tree branches and objects lying on the ground, children must help Vicky first assemble his masterpiece machine and then take part in a challenge to beat Tjure at his own game! Children must use patience and skill to control the machine and catch those elusive fish before Tjure does!

The Swimming Challenge
For this challenge, children must go with Vicky to the seaside where they will first have to practise their archery skills so that they can get Gorm's attention by hitting the gong on the watchtower. Once they have mastered the bow and arrow, Gorm and Vicky are ready for the swimming challenge. There is one small problem however, Vicky can't swim, never mind be able to swim faster than Gorm! Vicky comes up with the solution and again uses his imagination and determination to build a flying machine with the children's help. Once assembled, Vicky's simple machine, made from driftwood, the rope and branches, works a treat - watch him fly past Gorm! Although swim he doesn't, Gorm is so impressed by Vicky's inventiveness that he allows him to pass the challenge.

The Strength Challenge
How can Vicky possibly go head-to-head against his fearsome father, Halvar, in a strength competition? He requires extra help from the children to accomplish this feat! Vicky must throw several heavy stones up a hill before his burly father can … and you can probably guess what he needs help with … building a catapult to hurl the stones up the hill! Halvar is not amused at being out-witted by his small son, but is so impressed at his exceptional idea, that he concedes defeat and allows Vicky to press on to the final stage - the courage challenge! So, off to the town's port for the final challenge …

The Courage Challenge
Just as Vicky arrives at the seashore for the courage challenge with Halvar, Tjure, Gorm and the gang, who should dare turn up on the shores of Flake, but Sven the Stupid in his Viking ship! Lucky for the Viking villagers of Flake that Vicky is there to save the day … for who better to drive back Sven the Stupid than wily Vicky? Having earned the respect of the villagers for passing three of his challenges with flying colours, everyone turns to Vicky for help. Vicky needs assistance from nimble-fingered children on the keyboard one last time to first build a pipeline from the river to fuel a water cannon that will drive back Sven and his crew with powerful blasts of water.

At last, with a little help from his new generation of friends, Vicky has not only successfully completed his Big Trial, but is the village hero as well! "Hey hey Vicky, hey Vicky hey, you and your Viking friends!" Another happy ending for little Vicky as he joins the Vikings of Flake in celebration of his victory.

Product Information
Title Vicky the Vicking: The Big Trial
Price £19.99
Min. System Req. PC Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP and MAC OS 8.1, Power PC
Ship date 12 July 2002

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