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Ozo Interactive Formed - New Development Studio

by Thomas on July 23, 2002 @ 6:40 p.m. PDT

Developers of the critically acclaimed TRIBES franchise announced today that they have formed Ozo Interactive, a new development studio located in Eugene, OR. The studio, which will focus on state-of-the-art multiplayer content for PC and next generation console platforms, was formed by eight veteran Dynamix developers, who played various roles in the creation of TRIBES.

The long time TRIBES veterans who formed Ozo Interactive include Senior Programmers John Folliard and Brian Ramage, Tribes2 Art Director Craig Maitlen, Tribes2 Senior Artists Tom VanVelkinberg and Jade Dhabolt, Engineers John Alden and Greg Lancaster, and Designer Jesse Russell.

“Ozo Interactive is an all-star team whose members have a solid history and reputation for developing groundbreaking titles,” said John Folliard, Ozo Interactive President and co-founder. “With the establishment of this company, we renew our commitment to the development of fresh concepts in the online gaming arena, and we look forward to pushing the industry in new and exciting directions.”

Widely acclaimed by fans and critics alike, StarSiege: TRIBES – the first installment of the now famous TRIBES franchise – transformed the face of online gaming. It single handedly spawned the squad based online gaming revolution, and in 1999 was recognized by the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences as Online Game of the Year.

“StarSiege: TRIBES was much more than a game, it was the beginning of a movement,” said Folliard. “The game brought teamplay to the forefront of the genre, and added expansive outdoor environments. Before TRIBES, first-person online gaming was relatively primitive, primarily involving competition against single opponents in cramped indoor environments.”

TRIBES2 improved upon its predecessor by adding such features as in-game voice chat, email, community forums, and even the ability to generate player web pages.

Ozo Interactive’s first project is ‘Metal Drift,’ a large scale vehicular and armor based multiplayer title set to expand squad based gameplay. The company is currently searching for a publisher for Metal Drift.

About Ozo Interactive

Ozo Interactive is a game development studio located in the heart of Eugene, Oregon, founded by veteran Tribes and Tribes2 developers who helped transform the face of online gaming. Ozo Interactive is dedicated to pushing the envelope with fresh new concepts, and delivering innovative content for the PC and next-generation platforms. For more information, please visit the company’s web site at

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