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Tarzan: Return To The Jungle (GBA) Screenshots

by Thomas on July 25, 2002 @ 7:53 a.m. PDT

Tarzan: Return To The Jungle for Game Boy Advance is the action-adventure sequel to the wildly successful Tarzan Game Boy Color game. Developed by Digital Eclipse-creators of the GBC game- Tarzan: Return To The Jungle delivers even more fun-filled, action packed, adventures. Once again, players take the role of Tarzan as both a young boy and adult, adapting to the ways of the jungle and overcoming its most dangerous perils.

Swing Into a Wild Adventure – Tarzan: Return To The Jungle continues the exciting adventures of everyone’s favorite jungle hero. Gamers play a Tarzan and experience even more thrilling vine-swinging, swamp-swimming, tree-surfing action and tackle tons of jungle challenges. Tarzan’s friends Terk, Jane and Professor Porter join in on the fun.

Brave the Beasts – Players will battle wild boars, dangerous animal stampedes and preying leopards as they explore and conquer multiple, thrilling levels. Gamers begin their adventure as young Tarzan and learn to master the ways of the jungle. As adult Tarzan, players will use their strength to protect their jungle home and animal friends from harm.

Journey into the Mysterious Jungle ­– Discover hidden surprises in the jungle, including evil hunters, the entrance to a secret lost valley of dinosaurs and the location of the Fountain of Youth. Explore dark caves, race on perilous mine cart tracks and outrun a hungry T-Rex.

Developer: Digital Eclipse
Release Date: Fall 2002
Platform: Game Boy® Advance
SRP: $39.99
ESRB Rating: “RP” (Rating Pending)

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