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Beam Breakers Due for release on 27th September

by Thomas on July 25, 2002 @ 3:19 p.m. PDT

An illegal street racing game. As in, it's about illegal street racing. You're allowed to buy it and everything... JoWooD Productions Ltd is proud to announce the release of Beam Breakers, one of the most innovative and visually stunning games on the PC. Due for release on 27th September 2002, Beam Breakers takes players into a high flying world of illegal street races.

In the futuristic metropolis of Neo York, the year is 2374 and the world has changed beyond recognition. Thousands of AntiGrav cars litter the sky as they speed around following tracks of light beams which set routes round the city.

There are five notorious gangs which operate throughout Neo York, each striving for power and control of the air. Players are thrust into this gangworld to compete in a series of dramatic races defying light beams which everyone else adheres to. Instead the player must weave through the traffic, smashing anything that blocks the path, including cars and bridges used by innocent pedestrians. This is the fast-paced world of the Beam Breakers.

Beam Breakers is one of the most original and breath taking racing games ever created due to the superb combination of innovative 3D racing where AntiGrav cars overtake from all sides and the super-fast vehicles can reach almost half the speed of sound.

Set across five unique and stunningly designed regions of Neo York, including Chinatown and Little Italy, Beam Breakers is not a game for the faint-hearted. Challengers compete in 30 epic races where progression to the next race can only be achieved by defeating all opponents.

Vip Patel, Managing Director of JoWooD Productions commented: "Beam Breakers is a completely unique racing game that is set to lead the way in innovative gameplay."

Beam Breakers will feature:

30 truly 3D races where gamers are challenged to master traditional dimensions of racing at high speed with forwards, backwards, left and right and up and down

A total of 41 vehicles across five different vehicle classes, all of which can be upgraded and customised to increase the chances of victory

A whole range of Power Ups available on the course, such as the Boosters, Instant Repair, Shield and Copex (which enables players to escape the clutches of the Police)

Five superb modes of play including:
- Missions (Six campaigns taking the player through 57 stunning missions which feature a mixture of high-octane races)
- Championship (Gamers have to pit their skills against 5 opponents)
- Survival (Players are challenged to survive 30 seconds as the Police hunt them down and attempt to destroy them)
- Observation (a free-view mode where players can take time out to study the maps and decide on the perfect route to achieve success in the other modes of play)
- Multiplayer (Play against up to six people via Internet and LAN)

Beam Breakers will be available for Windows on PC CD on 27th September with an SRP of £29.99.

JoWooD Productions UK LTD. Of Harrow, Middlesex, is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Austria-based JoWooD productions Software AG, a publicly traded company on the Vienna Stock Exchange, which is rapidly establishing itself as a leading force in the video games industry. Its strategy is to identify develop and publish internationally competitive, high-quality entertainment software for all existing next-generation gaming platforms. JoWooD Productions has in-house development facilities in Vienna and Ebensee, Austria and a fast growing roster of exceptional subsidiary studios, including Wings Simulations and Massive Development in Germany.

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