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'Midway: Naval Battles' Announced - Facts & Screens

by Thomas on July 29, 2002 @ 6:47 p.m. PDT

Warfare, strategy and field engineering has never been improved in any age of humanity as much as they did over the short period of the Second World War. The most expensive and the most extreme changes occurred at the navy. Midway is a real-time 3D tactical/strategy game that adapts the naval battles of the Second World War. It introduces how the naval warfare changed during WW2 - from the dreadnaughts protecting the memory of Battle of Jutland to the forerunners of modern carriers. The player may control different vessels in real or hypothetical naval battles. The fleet comprises ships, captains, officers and crew of different abilities. In order to achieve victory, an effective team should be forged.

The episodes follow each other in a truly historical way. The player may choose his/her controllable character from the American, the English, the German or the Japanese side. Throughout the campaign the player has the chance of climbing higher and higher up the career ladder: from a "plain" captain even to the rank of an omnipotent admiral.

Fact sheet

  • Revolutionary 3D engine (Black Sun) with abilities never seen before
  • 3D action and tactical battles on the surface, in the air, and under the sea
  • Uniquely realistic visuals: sea and weather effects, realistic ship movements
  • Unmatched, detailed tactical gameplay
  • Dynamic weather effects which greatly influence the tactics
  • Fleet units, formations, group tactics
  • Simple- yet innovative and realistic resource management
  • RPG-elements: unique skills for the crew, officers, and captains which are all capable of developing during the adventure
  • Team management: the officers and captains of the fleet are managed by the player
  • Historical ships, equipments and battles
  • 4 nations to serve with different career possibilities
  • More than 20 exciting naval battles
  • More than 40 different vessels, submarines and airplanes
  • More than 100 types of weapons and equipment
  • Absorbing multiplayer modes via LAN or the Internet

Expected release date: late 2003/early 2004

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