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Fireblade PS2 Hits Shelves in US & Europe

by Thomas on July 3, 2002 @ 10:37 a.m. PDT

Kuju Entertainment today announced shipment of its PlayStation 2 game Fireblade. Published by Midway, the fast-paced, helicopter action game was released in the US on 18th June and in Europe on 28th June.

Additionally, Kuju announced that it is also developing Fireblade for Microsoft’s Xbox console and licensing technology to support development of the game for Nintendo’s Gamecube console. Both versions will be published by Midway and are due for release in Autumn 2002.

Ian Baverstock, co-founder and Business Development Director, said, “We’re very excited by the release of Fireblade on PlayStation 2, which is currently the world’s most popular games console. With Gamecube and Xbox versions due later this year we will be one of the few developers to create a game to be shipped on all three major formats.”

British research firm Informa Media Group has just released a report on the videogame industry, which states that worldwide sales will rise 12 percent this year, to $31 billion.

The group estimates that 70 percent ($22 billion) of the $31 billion will come from console related hardware and software sales. Informa also estimated that the installed base of next-generation consoles would hit 70.4 million by the end of the year, with the PlayStation 2 accounting for 48.4 million units. GameCube consoles are expected to contribute 15.1 million units to the figure with Microsoft’s Xbox adding 6.9 million pieces.

Fireblade for PlayStation 2 features include:

18 Missions in 4 campaigns, brings all the action you can handle and pushes your adrenaline level to the RED ZONE.

Amazing variety of lush environments including; Swiss Alps, Arizona Desert, Amazon Jungle, and the Artic Circle.

Day and Night, Sleet and Snow, you'll have to conquer all manner of weather effects to complete your objectives.

Test-drive the latest in combat technology, as you zoom with sniper mode and execute pinpoint accuracy.

Take the helm of two distinct choppers, fly a carrier chopper for transport and rescue missions, or pilot the Vendetta attack helicopter for assault missions. Each features a unique flight dynamic.

Multiple hi-tech and deadly weapons at your disposal, including the Sniper Cannon, Swarm Missiles, EMP weapon, Rail gun and Laser Guided Homing Missiles.

Run Silent in Stealth mode, evade enemies with your night vision sensors and use the EMP weapon to disable alarms while remaining undetected.

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