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Buka Entertainment License Agreements

by Thomas on July 30, 2002 @ 11:43 a.m. PDT

Buka Entertainment, a leading leisure software publisher in Russia and the CIS, is pleased to announce that it has recently entered in a series of license agreements; which will bring Buka's titles to a number of local markets from Germany to Japan, and from Italy to South Korea, and also will greatly expand Buka's international distribution network.

Jowood to represent Buka's titles in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland; Capcom to publish Red Shark in Japan; AMG to bring Echelon, Red Shark and Spells of Gold to Israel; XYZ to publish Echelon and Red Shark in South Korea; Microforum to release Spells of Gold and Horde: The Citadel in Italy

Jowood will be releasing Paradise Cracked, Echelon: Wind Warriors, Spells of Gold, and Red Shark in Germany,
Austria, and Switzerland. "Jowood is a well-established worldwide publisher, and one of the leaders in the German speaking markets," - commented Maxim Mikhalev, Vice President, Intenational of Buka Entertainment. "And we at Buka are delighted to know, that our titles will be brought to these European territories by Jowood."

Capcom will be handling the release of Red Shark in Japan. " We are really excited to have our game on the
shelves in the Japanese market." - added Maxim Mikhalev. "No Russian company has ever sold its games in
Japan. And we are really glad that our game to be introduced to Japanese gamers by one of the leaders on the market - Capcom."

Other agreements, which Buka has recently entered into, include the agreement with A.M.G. Multimedia Ltd.
(Israel) for Echelon, Spells of Gold, and Red Shark, the agreement with XYZ (South Korea) for Echelon and Red Shark, and the agreement with Microforum for Spells of Gold and Horde: The Citadel.

"Buka is and has always been an internationally oriented company." - said Igor Ustinov, President of Buka
Entertainment." - "We are confident that by entering into these agreements we have taken a major step forward in expanding our internationalution network and in promoting the brand of Buka in different local markets worldwide. Today we have entered two new local markets - Japan and Israel - and strengthen our
positions in three others. But it is just the beginning."

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