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The 'Robotech: Battlecry' Collector's Edition

by Thomas on July 30, 2002 @ 2:03 p.m. PDT

TDK Mediactive, Inc. a global publisher of interactive entertainment software, announced that it will be issuing a Collector's Edition for the fall launch of "Robotech: Battlecry" available on the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system, Xbox video game system from Microsoft and Nintendo GameCube video game system. Read more to find out what The "Robotech: Battlecry" Collector's Edition will include.

The limited-edition collectible can be pre-ordered now, exclusively through Electronics Boutique and GameStop. Each box will be individually numbered, with only a very limited quantity being produced.

The "Robotech: Battlecry" Collector's Edition will include:

  • "Robotech: Battlecry" video game - A copy of the cel-shaded action shooter title based on the highly successful anime series.
  • Exclusive "Robotech: Battlecry" game soundtrack - A complete CD of new, re-recorded versions of the original series' music, recorded exclusively for "Robotech: Battlecry."
  • Exclusive "Robotech: Battlecry" T-shirt - A specially designed T-shirt featuring unique artwork of "Skull One."
  • Exclusive "Robotech: Battlecry" art - Five cards featuring all-new, full-color, pre-production concept designs bundled in an original art folder.
  • Exclusive "Robotech: Battlecry" lenticular motion card - Uniquely transforming game art that can only be found in this limited-edition set.
  • Exclusive "Robotech" Defense Force dog tag - A high-quality, individually numbered dog tag dictating the exact edition number of the set.

"'Robotech' is a strong property with a very big following. The loyal fans deserve, not only an amazing game, but also an extensive collection of exclusive extras," said Stefan Serwe, vice president, global marketing, TDK Mediactive. "Special-edition packaging is long overdue in the U.S. market, and it's a great way to give something back to all the loyal gamers who have been starving for a first-rate 'Robotech' title."

The collector's edition boxes are priced at $79.99 (U.S.) and can be pre-ordered now at Electronics Boutique and GameStop store locations or online at EBGames or Gamestop. The "Robotech: Battlecry" Collector's Edition is scheduled to ship for PlayStation 2 and Xbox in September and GameCube in October. More information about the "Robotech: Battlecry" Collector's Edition can be found at RoboTech and TDK.

About "Robotech: Battlecry"

A mission-driven action title, "Robotech: Battlecry" embodies the classic mecha-filled mayhem of the animated series. Featuring all-encompassing destruction on a giant scale, "Robotech: Battlecry" is a high-octane arcade shooter that captures the television show's spectacular visuals and epic storyline.

As an intrepid fighter pilot, the player must protect the cities of Earth from roving bands of a giant alien race, the Zentraedi(TM). The player pilots the versatile Veritech(TM) Fighter - a giant transformable mechanized robot that can convert into a high-flying jet fighter, a 40-foot tall humanoid robot, and a combination of both. Each transformation mode offers new movement options, special abilities or weapons. To succeed in battle, the player must use more than one mode to complete their assigned objectives. In keeping with the "Robotech" identity, the environments, mecha, characters and overall appearance are modeled directly from the stylized look of the highly regarded animated series.

About the "Robotech" Brand

Produced by Harmony Gold in 1985 and currently managed by Mattel Inc., "Robotech" fueled the transforming robot craze and drew legions of loyal fans with its richly detailed Japanese animation featuring dazzling science-fiction drama. "Robotech" continues to be one of the most-recognized animated television series to this day. Its ground-breaking production design also launched a worldwide licensing phenomenon that has spawned several toy lines, musical soundtracks, dozens of novels, role-playing games, collectibles, apparel and over 300 comic books. More information about the "Robotech" brand is available at

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