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Octagon Paints the Town DarkBlack For 'Asylum' - Screens

by Thomas on July 30, 2002 @ 5:19 p.m. PDT

Octagon Entertainment has linked up with developer DarkBlack to secure worldwide publishing for the team’s first-person horror thriller Asylum for console with multiplatform options.

Channel WKYZ is set to film a live broadcast of the popular reality TV show The Fright of Your Life! on location at the haunted Wolfborough Asylum. Four contestants have agreed to take part in a 24-hour lock-in to complete a number of assignments in a race to snag $10 million, the largest cash prize in television history. The player begins the challenge ready to outwit the other contestants but soon realizes that it’s every man for himself as the contenders witness a brutal nightmare unleash on the complex. Channel WKYZ’s ratings go through the roof, the producers abandon all ethical responsibilities and continue the real-time broadcast as the players combat the appalling forces within the boundaries of the compound.

Asylum offers a highly atmospheric first-person experience that is enhanced by fine-tuned Skeletal Logic code and the Havok physics engine. Real-time shadows, volumetric fog and detailed textures will be maximized for each console and 3D positional Dolby sound will intensify environments as well.

“Asylum is a shoe-in for success,” said Octagon agent Jay Powell. “The storyline is fresh, the graphics looks great, and DarkBlack is a proven team.”

“We’re really excited about working with a company like Octagon.” Said DarkBlack’s Managing Director, Richard Beston. “They’re a professional business with a proven track record in the industry, and we have the highest faith in their abilities.”

Octagon Entertainment arranges financing, licensing and distribution agreements for computer and video game developers and publishers worldwide. Titles Octagon currently represents include Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project, Outlaw Golf, Painkiller and Devastation.

Since being founded in 1998, DarkBlack has developed products for MTV Sports and Nickelodeon. DarkBlack is a collection of highly motivated and creative developers; the producers, programmers, artists and designers have a huge range of experience, from fresh new talent to highly skilled games industry veterans. DarkBlack uses the most groundbreaking technology for games production and development and is striving for perfection in the games industry. DarkBlack looks forward to developing next generation titles and focuses on playability, depth and longevity.

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