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First Class Upgrade From Just Flight! - Features & Screens

by Thomas on July 5, 2002 @ 5:42 p.m. PDT

Just Flight and Simflyers have teamed up to launch World Airports, a fantastic boxed edition of their acclaimed scenery upgrade for Flight Simulator 2000 and 2002. "Suspicious-looking shoes must be removed before downloading these screens," says Mungo, sensibly. Features and 26 screens below!

For long time the USA – one of the world's busiest air traffic regions – have been widely neglected by scenery designers. Now developers, SimFlyers have taken up the task and are providing us with nine of the most detailed sceneries for FS 2000 & 2002 ever, featuring 6 of the biggest and busiest airports in the US and worldwide, plus 3 popular European destinations.

Atlanta * Bari * Dallas Fort Worth * Los Angeles * Manchester * Newark * Orlando * Rome * Philadelphia

As one leading simulation website commented, “Once again there is little doubt that SimFlyers has raised the bar another notch on the scenery standard… The fun never stops… there is always something to look at or interact with.”

This scenery upgrade features realistic depictions of the airports, numerous static and dynamic objects together with some unique dynamic features such as SimFlyers critically acclaimed jetDock and serviceArmada systems. Plus there’s much more to explore and discover in the included driveable ‘Follow Me’ vehicle with its own driver’s panel!

The developers, SimFlyers, are supporting existing owners of this scenery by launching a "bonus offer" for their registered customers buying this package. Simflyers's users should check for details.

The package comes with a great printed manual with flight plans for flying between the airports, airports maps and approach charts. It's shipping right now with a suggested retail price of £24.99/€39.95/$34.99. See for full details and screenshots!


Accurate runways, taxiways, buildings and objects. All with highly detailed texturing, full night lighting and seasonal effects.

All runways, taxiways and aprons have accurate and detailed lines and lights.

Numerous static aircraft and static and dynamic vehicles, objects, cars, buses, service vehicles - everything is illuminated and lit from dusk to dawn!

Active jetways at each gate. The jetways dock exactly to your aircraft's front passenger exit.

Ground servicing Armada vehicles at each terminal gate. After the aircraft is parked and the jetway has docked, you will see an armada of supply and catering vehicles appear. A baggage loader is there to unload the baggage and the baggage car and trailers are ready to deliver the luggage to the terminal… A water truck refreshes the stock of water…The catering truck is there to supply new food for the convenience of the passengers… The push back truck is waiting and the fuel truck refuels the aircraft. All these vehicles are set up individually according to the user's aircraft type!

Wind-sensitive windsocks.

Working de-icing facilities at some of the airports.

Printed airport maps and approach charts for easy finding your way to and round the airports.

48 flight plans (both as text files and FS 2000/2002 flight plan files) for flights between the featured airports. You can use these for printing and reading, for direct import into FS 2000/2002 or for import into FMCs (Flight Management Computers) of various third-party aircraft add-ons including 747-400 Professional, Greatest Airliners 737-400 or A320 Professional.

Driveable Follow-Me vehicle, featuring custom panel, sound, texturing, night lighting and light effects.

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