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Softwrap Announce New Partnerships

by Thomas on July 8, 2002 @ 1:33 p.m. PDT

Softwrap, the British-based technology company that enables software to be virtually 'shrink-wrapped' and securely distributed and sold digitally, today announced details of two new partnerships that they have launched. Firstly, with AgentLand, the first portal entirely dedicated to intelligent agents and virtual assistants (software tools that automatically do certain jobs on the Internet, according to what you ask) and secondly, with Crystal Interactive, developers, publishers, marketers and distributors of consumer software.

The partnership with AgentLand will involve them promoting Softwrap to their users as their preferred ESD (Electronic Software Distribution) solution. Developers that choose to use Softwrap's Copy Protection solution will receive priority treatment when submitting their software to AgentLand. They will also benefit from prime product placement on the site, such as the "Spotlight on", "Agent Lab" and "Agent of the Week" sections, as well as being promoted in the bi-weekly newsletter.

AgentLand currently offers more than 700 agents that can be freely downloaded from their sites. Many thousands of visitors visit AgentLand every month, generating in excess of 300,000 downloads.

Crystal Interactive are publishers of numerous renowned titles within the games industry. This partnership will enable Crystal Interactive's customers to take advantage of trying their software before going on to buy, whilst the products themselves remain totally secure against piracy. They currently offer over 100 titles though its website.

Emma Morris, Marketing Director, Softwrap, says of the announcement, "We are very pleased to be announcing these strategic partnerships. Once again they will assist in broadening the distribution opportunities that we can offer our business partners, as well as increase our continually growing database of over 5,500 software developers and publishers that are already benefiting from the use of Softwrap's technology."

About Softwrap
Softwrap ( is a virtual shrink-wrapping programme that provides authors, publishers and distributors with a secure means of selling and distributing their software digitally, whilst still providing the consumer with 'try-before-you-buy' facilities. It is one of the wholly owned subsidiaries of British-based company, Wraptech.

Wraptech Limited is a leading e-commerce company that specialises in products and services that enable digital distribution and sales in many formats. The sister product to Wraptech's Softwrap is Soundwrap (, a programme for the digital distribution of music. Wraptech is represented in North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, where on-going research and development occurs and also ensures the best opportunity of globally distributing their business partner's music and software, should they also require marketing and distribution assistance.

About AgentLand
AgentLand is the first portal entirely dedicated to intelligent agents and virtual assistants. AgentLand present all the agents reunited in family groups, each with their own detailed identity card. AgentLand is available in English ( and French ( AgentLand is a service offered by Cybion.

About Crystal Interactive
Crystal Interactive Inc, are in the business of developing, publishing, marketing and distributing consumer software. They believe in giving their customers "the best value for money" and are creative in terms of their marketing strategies. Their software includes PC software, console games and PC games, such as Crazy Minigolf, Big Game Trophy Hunter, State of War, Who Wants to be a Gazillionaire and many more.

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