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'KONG' Ships For GBA!

by Thomas on Aug. 13, 2002 @ 8:57 p.m. PDT

BAM! Entertainment, Inc. today announced that it is shipping the action adventure game, Kong, for the Game Boy Advance to retailers this week. Based on the television cartoon "Kong: The Animated Series" from global entertainment company BKN International, the game was developed by the French studios of Planet Interactive Development.

The 40 episode animated television series has been widely distributed by BKN International (producers of Roswell Conspiracies; UBOS (Ultimate Book of Spells)) on top networks in major markets, including USA (Fox Kids), Canada (Teletoon), UK (Sky One), France (M6).

"The team at Planet Interactive Development has a tremendous enthusiasm for the property Kong," said Alain Tascan, Vice President of Worldwide Development of BAM! Entertainment. "The combination of an outstanding property and the team's experience developing for the Game Boy Advance makes for an impressive game."

Kong follows the story of a boy named Jason and an ape by the name of Kong. Kong is the result of an experiment conducted by Jason's scientist grandmother, Dr Jenkins, in which she attempted to clone the original Kong to create a new Kong. In order to fill in the DNA sequence gaps in the genetic sample from the original Kong, Dr. Jenkins used human DNA from her grandson Jason and a new Kong was born. Now years later, Kong has been living a tranquil existence in his pre-historic island home, Kong Island, until the evil professor Ramone De La Porta disrupts the idyllic island by stealing the primal stones that are essential to the island's survival. Kong and Jason must rescue the stones and restore peace to the island before the land and its inhabitants become permanently damaged.

The adventures of Kong and Jason take players to several interesting environments including deadly swamps, sacred temples and the forests of Kong Island. In addition to finding the stones and defeating the professor, they will need to fight off the island's rampaging animal inhabitants, which include a host of prehistoric foes such as the pterodactyl, phobosaurus and cephalosaurus. It's a tall order for any regular boy or ape, so to assist them in their quest when things get difficult, Jason and Kong will be able to merge their DNA to become an almost indestructible force.

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