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Dungeons & Dragons Heroes (Xb) - Features & Screens

by Thomas on Aug. 15, 2002 @ 2:48 p.m. PDT

In Dungeons & Dragons Heroes, you take on the role of one of four resurrected D&D heroes (Fighter, Wizard, Cleric & Rogue), each carved in the style of fictional famed fantasy figures drawn from the D&D universe owned by Wizards of the Coast. The game focuses around combat and developing your character, "The Hero", as you journey through the game's levels to collect all of the Planar Gems and vanquish the evil force that threatens to end life as we know it. Dungeons & Dragons Heroes features gorgeously detailed characters in lush environments that are rich for adventuring, each populated with Dungeons & Dragons monsters, treasures and sinister traps. 21 Shots below that we didn't have before!

Game Features

  • Play as one of four distinct hero characters drawn from different races representing the main Dungeons & Dragons classes, Fighter, Wizard, Cleric and Rogue; diverse styles of play for each Hero character ensure a different experience on subsequent play-through.
  • Four-player cooperative multiplay allows you and up to three friends to select your own heroes and team up against the monstrous threat, playing cooperatively through the single-player campaign.
  • Authentic D&D monsters, many drawn directly from the third edition of the Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual, including boss-monsters such as towering Iron golems, fire-breathing golden dragons and horrific beholders.
  • "Heroic" weapon upgrade system that uses a toggle-based Planar Gem system for adding bonus effects to your weapon, with a permanent Rune Stone upgrade system used to improve your base weapon directly.
  • "Basic Combat Button" controller interface allows you to easily map any of your "actions" such as Attacks, Feats, Skills and Spells to controller buttons, giving you a degree of tactical control when pressed into combat.
  • Use Skills, Feats and a Character Building system inspired by the rule set from the third edition of the Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook.
  • Content-rich, interactive levels spanning multiple environments, ranging from a working forge to a magically suspended castle in the sky, each replete with secrets, bonuses and rare items.
  • Visually stunning Spell and Magical effects.
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