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'Pentium 4 Processor' - Winter Event Announced

by Thomas on Aug. 19, 2002 @ 4:07 p.m. PDT

Fresh off the overwhelmingly successful Pentium 4 Processor Summer Championships, the Cyberathlete Professional League (CPL) today announced their next major event in the United States - The Pentium 4 Processor Winter Event 2002. Scheduled for December 18th to 22nd at the Dallas Hyatt Regency, the event will bring together the best professional computer gamers on the planet to play Half-Life Counter-Strike, Unreal Tournament 2003, and a special Team Fortress Classic tournament.. With over $150,000 being awarded, the Pentium 4 Winter Event will be the largest US gaming event this year.

The Winter Event will consist of three simultaneous computer game tournaments: Half-Life Counter-Strike, with $100,000 in cash prizes being awarded; Unreal Tournament 2003, with $30,000 in prizes going to the top contenders; and a special Team Fortress Classic tournament with $10,000 in prize money. Also a $10,000 Consummate Computer Competition (C3) for "computer mods" will be hosted at the Winter Event. With over $150,000 being awarded, the Pentium 4 Winter Event will be the largest US gaming event this year. Over 2,100 people attended the recent Summer Championships, and the CPL expects another large attendance this December.

"As professional computer gaming grows we will continue to expand and have more tournaments at our events," said Angel Munoz, president and founder of the CPL. "Our Summer Championship was an amazing success, and our Winter Event is poised to be one of the largest gatherings of professional computer gamers ever."

Intel Corporation is the lead sponsor for the CPL Pentium(r) 4 Processor Winter Event 2002 providing world class Pentium 4 processor based PCs for these gamers to compete on. Other sponsors include Plantronics, and BAWLS.

Team Schroet Kommando, from Sweden, is the reigning Counter-Strike champion. The team walked away with the $25,000 winning check for defeating all competitors at Summer Championships. Schroet Kommando will defend their crown at the Winter Event.


Launched on June 26, 1997, the Cyberathlete Professional League is the first organization in the world to establish computer game competitions as a viable spectator sport. Today, the CPL is the global leader in competitive computer gaming, holding massive events in the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Holland, Norway, Singapore, Australia and Brazil. The CPL events offer: computer game tournaments with cash prizes of up to $150,000, music concerts, computer case competitions, product exhibitions, spectator arenas, workshops, and large BYOC areas. For more information visit:

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