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'RC Sports Copter Challenge' - Features

by Thomas on Aug. 20, 2002 @ 2:16 p.m. PDT

Use points and awards gained in other modes to purchase any of nine real-life radio helicopters and outfit them with unique parts. An Obstacle Course of challenges waits in adventure mode. Fly through tranquil gardens, rushing rapids, and dangerous city skies.

Compete in eight unique events such as Landing, Carry, and Hover in license mode. Become the Co-pilot in your own Adventure! Play RC Sports™ Copter Challenge™ as an ace RC Helicopter Pilot! Try and earn your license by competing in 4 different modes, spanning numerous locales. Spend points awarded to upgrade copter parts and buy new rigs. Tricks, points, manoeuvring, and obstacles will prove whether you're the RC Pilot Champion!


  • 9 Helicopters – Fly nine realistic and licensed aircraft.
  • Create Your Own Upgrade and customise parts to create unique craft.
  • Adventure Mode Complete a 'course' with obstacles and challenges within time constraints.
  • License Mode Compete in events such as catch, hover, race and more Free Flight.
  • Practice techniques, tricks and maneuvers on 5 unique levels.
  • Record and save movies of your flight.
  • Challenge Mode once levels are cleared in Adventure, you may fly them again in either 'Time Attack' or 'Point Attack' settings.

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