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Buka Entertainment ECTS Line Up

by Thomas on Aug. 23, 2002 @ 11:00 a.m. PDT

Buka Entertainment, a front Russian leisure software publisher, is in hurry to inform its partners that at this year's ECTS its Vice-President International Sales and Marketing - Maxim Mikhalev will visit this exhibition instead arranging company's stand.

Among the fresh products there will be announced the following projects:

"Battle Mages" - striking RTS(Q3 2003):

"The Entente: WW I Battlefields" - a unique historically based RTS (Q3 2003);

"Terror Hunter" - fully immersive helicopter Action/Simulation (Q4 2003);

"Railroad Fantasy" - 3D colorful and funny RTS (Q1 2003);

"Hard Truck Tycoon" - well thought-out Economical Strategy (Q1 2003)

And coming soon titles:

"March: Offworld Recon" - absorbing 3D Martian shoot-'em-up (Q4 2002);

"Spells of Gold" - an addictive RPG (Q4 2002);

"Charm of War" - beautiful RPG/RTS based on ancient Russian myths and legends (Q2 2003);

"Midnight Nowhere" - breath-taking thrilling adventure (Q4 2002).

Products available now include "Echelon: Wind Warriors", "Paradise Cracked" and "Red Shark".

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