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LaunchPad2 Countdown Begins

by Thomas on Aug. 27, 2002 @ 4:41 p.m. PDT

Surrey - Digimask Ltd. today announced the forthcoming release of new Client Software for its head-creation technology. Previously an on-line process, Digimask LaunchPad2 now allows the user to complete the entire head-creation process locally, on their own PC.

A single installable application, LaunchPad2 prompts the user to load two digital photographs of the head (one face-on and one side-profile) and then to mark 8 obvious points on those photos. The application then automatically generates and displays a fully-animated 3D representation of the head... within 1 to 10 minutes, depending on the speed of the PC.

The first client to use Launch Pad2 will be Kodak who will include the application on every Kodak Picture CD sold in Europe from October 2002. Kodak Picture CD is the format created for those who want their photo films processed and delivered on CD-ROM, in addition to traditional prints. Kodak anticipates the sale of many millions of Picture CDs over the next 12 months. Such wide distribution will generate an enormous user-base of people with Digimask Heads and thus a large market for compatible applications.

LaunchPad2 is also the backbone of the new Digimask Software Development Kit, which allows developers to create large numbers of photo-realistic 3D head models for use in their games or applications quickly, simply and inexpensively. This SDK includes converters for the popular graphics formats (Maya, 3DS etc) used in games development, in addition to full file format information and the ability to create models scalable from 100, up to 7,000 polygons.

A publishing agreement is also available, permitting the distribution of the LaunchPad2 together with third-party games and applications, allowing end-users to create their Digimask Head for import directly into the application.

Digimask CEO and Founder, Gary Bracey said: 'This is major development for Digimask! We have adapted our business model to reflect the recent shift in market and consumer expectation. The Digimask head-creation process is incredibly simple for both expert and novice computer users. This deal with Kodak brings Digimask dramatically closer to its goal of generating the 'mass adoption' of its technology in the consumer market and encouraging content providers to incorporate Digimask compatibility into their products.'

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