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'Drift - The Second Stone Age' Announced

by Thomas on Aug. 28, 2002 @ 1:30 p.m. PDT

Brightstar Entertainment today announced its latest epic space combat simulation, Drift - The Second Stone Age. Developed by Redward Studios, Drift will be available for the PC in October 2002.
Set in deep space and featuring ships of staggering proportions, Drift promises a fast-paced, intelligent universe with unprecedented levels of action, animation and detail. A complex plot and non-linear mission design mean that players will enjoy more depth of gameplay, and level content will vary depending on the player's in-game performance.

The main key to Drift's compelling gameplay lies in its use of an incredibly advanced artificial intelligence (AI). During missions, AI ships act as squadrons in order to pursue their goals, dealing with multiple objectives and enemy assaults on every front.

"We expect Drift to set a new standard in both multi-player and single-player space combat sims," commented Brightstar's MD, Noel Hargrave.

Drift will feature squadrons of bombers and fighters equipped with an array of advanced weaponry for players to use in dogfights with opposing forces, or engage in combat with massive ships and destroyers. An intuitive in-game messaging system allows players to command intelligent squad-mates, redirect wingmen and request reinforcements.

With 28 single player missions, 4 different empires, over 60 different spacecraft, and up to 60 hours of gameplay; Drift promises a whole new challenge and experience for the space combat veteran.

Founded in 1998, Brightstar Entertainment is a publisher of entertainment software worldwide through its Brightstar and Singularity Software brands. Its latest title, Team Factor was released in May and the next title Cycling Manager 2 will be available in the UK in September.

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