Online Robo BEAT-'EM-UP 'RoboForge'

by Thomas on Aug. 28, 2002 @ 1:39 p.m. PDT

Singularity Software, a division of Brightstar Entertainment Ltd, today announced a new genre in PC gaming; Due for release across Europe (excluding UK) in November 2002, RoboForge allows players to build robot gladiators on their PC and then enter them into online combat tournaments where they have the opportunity to win big prize money.
Using the simple construction kit provided, players build 3D robots on their PC's and train them to think and fight. After taking on pre-programmed robots that come with the game they can then submit their bots over the Internet to fight in free-to-enter or professional tournaments.

"Prize money and a wealth of online competitors means this new robotic combat game, RoboForge, is set to usher in the age of the true professional online gamer." Commented Noel Hargrave, MD of Singularity Software.

The game has been developed 100% in Java and will be able to run on all Win32 platforms, Linux and other Unix variants. The minimum spec PC required is 233Mhz CPU, 64MB Ram and a 8MB 3D card.

Founded in 1998, Brightstar Entertainment is a publisher of entertainment software worldwide through its Brightstar and Singularity Software brands. It's latest title, Team Factor was released in May and the next title Cycling Manager 2 will be available in the UK in September. Brightstar can be accessed on-line at and

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