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Gio Gio's Bizarre Adventure Comes To PS2

by Thomas on Aug. 30, 2002 @ 5:42 p.m. PDT

Capcom Eurosoft today confirmed its intention to bring the popular Japanese comic book, Gio Gio's Bizarre Adventure to the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system with Gio Gio's Bizarre Adventure. Based on the massively popular Japanese comic book series by Hirohiko Araki, Gio Gio's Bizarre Adventure uses the graphical technique of 'cell-shading' to effectively bring the comic book alive. This latest instalment not only brings huge visual advancements to the series, but to the action game arena as well. Through enhanced game play mechanics, distinctive challenges and a stylistic 3-D art style, Capcom has created a new face in action games. Gio Gio's Bizarre Adventure is scheduled for a European this December. Screens and features below!

Gio Gio's Bizarre Adventure features:

New moves and attack methods. In the world of Gio Gio's Bizarre Adventure, each character possesses a special ability known as a Stand. The player can use their Stand's skill to discover an enemy's ability or power-ups as well as utilise different fighting styles depending on the situation.

Great variety of game play as your character changes depending on the level being played.

New 3-D cell-shaded art style thanks to Capcom's own proprietary technology "Artistoon." This style of art allows the game to effectively 'bring to life' the characters from the original comic book series.

Further features will be announced as development progresses.

"Gio Gio's Bizarre Adventure is truly original and gives gamers the chance to experience this popular comic in a stunning 3D world," commented David Miller, Marketing Director, Capcom Eurosoft.

Capcom Eurosoft, headquartered in London, England, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Capcom, Co., Ltd. of Japan. A leading force in the multi-billion dollar interactive entertainment industry, Capcom's legacy spans more than 22 years of entertaining video gamers. Capcom develops, markets, and distributes home video games for the PlayStation® game console, PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system, Nintendo® GameCube and Xbox game consoles, Game Boy® Advance and Game Boy® Color Systems, personal computers, and coin-operated games. Worldwide recognizable product lines include the Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Mega Man, Breath of Fire, and Onimusha series. World headquarters in Osaka, Japan, the company also has offices in Tokyo, Hong Kong, London and Sunnyvale, California. The company is publicly traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange code number 9697.

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