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DUNE For PS2 Out In September.. Story & Screens

by Thomas on Aug. 31, 2002 @ 11:26 a.m. PDT

WANADOO and WIDESCREEN GAMES announces the release in September 2002 of DUNE for PlayStation 2.. DUNE is a full 3D-realtime game, 2/3 action, 1/3 adventure, developed by WIDESCREEN GAMES, bringing together people who have already worked on many great games such as Outcast, Prisoner of Ice, Alone in the Dark III, Worms… Six screenshots of, we'll wager, the new PS2 version.



In the year 10191, the Houses Atreides and Harkonnen are fighting a bloody battle for the control of the sand planet Arrakis (Dune).

It's only resource: Spice, ensuring its consumers a very long life and greater powers.

Two Atreides will survive the all out massacre organised by Baron Harkonnen with the help of the Emperor: Jessica, the Duke's concubine and Paul, his son and heir to the throne. He now has only one thing on his mind: revenge.

The pair successfully escape and find refuge with the Fremen, a native tribe of Arrakis, nomadic, mysterious and fiercely independent.

Paul spends two years with the Fremen. He must first earn their trust, then demonstrate his courage so that they will recognise him as their Messiah, the one who will bring them true freedom and make Dune a fertile planet.

During these two years, the player takes on the role of Paul. The story line revolves around him and his integration into the very heart of the Fremen tribe. Spies, intrigue and assassination attempts are everyday occurrences for Paul at this time in his life and the atmosphere is clearly felt and perfectly reproduced.

To demonstrate his bravery and worth, Paul takes on many missions. He must destroy the Spice smugglers, harass the Harkonnen, sabotage factories, find hiding places for stocking Spice, etc.

During these missions, he explores all known places on Dune and is able to perfect his fighting techniques, for battle and knife combat, and practise the powers that make him such an exceptional being.

The essence of the game is based on action, but action filled with finesse and discretion. The art of infiltration, of going unnoticed and striking the enemy, stealing plans and information without the enemy noticing...these are the aims of the operations led by the Fremen in preparation for their final attack...and the ultimate fight for Independence.

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