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CodeFire Acquires Rights to Classic Board Game Wiz-War

by Thomas on Aug. 6, 2002 @ 10:24 a.m. PDT

CodeFire, Inc., an interactive entertainment developer, today announced the acquisition of the intellectual property rights to Wiz-War, a popular board game featuring battling wizards and stolen treasure. The company acquired the rights from Jolly Games. CodeFire plans to develop a 3D action shooter for game consoles based on the Wiz-War property as well as an online personal computer version of the classic game by the 2003 holiday season.

“CodeFire is always at the lookout for intriguing games like Wiz-War that have the potential to become even more engaging by being transformed into real-time 3D,” said Michael Williams, President and Chief Executive Officer of CodeFire. “I am a huge fan of Tom Jolly's work, and I cannot wait to put our team to work on this beloved property.”

“I believe CodeFire has the know-how to finally bring Wiz-War to the digital gaming world, and expect to be heavily involved with them as it transitions into this exciting format,” said Tom Jolly, the original creator of Wiz-War and the owner of Jolly Games.

About Tom Jolly and Jolly Games

Tom Jolly is the original creator of Wiz-War and the owner of Jolly Games. He is also the co-designer of DiskWars and Vortex, and the creator of numerous games such as Drakon, Knots, GOOTMU and Programmer's Nightmare.

About CodeFire
CodeFire, Inc., is an interactive entertainment developer for game platforms including the Microsoft Xbox and Xbox Live, Nintendo Game Boy Advance, and other console, handheld, PC and online platforms.

CodeFire’s experienced management team has collectively produced more than 100 game titles. Based in Irvine, Calif., CodeFire was founded in October 2000.

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