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A New World is Dawning....

by Thomas on Aug. 6, 2002 @ 10:36 a.m. PDT

‘New World Order’ set for release in September 2002 is a single and multiplayer team based shooter developed in Sweden by Termite Games. This highly anticipated game promises to take the first person shooter genre to the next level by combining uncanny graphic detail with adrenaline pumping realistic action. Today we posted up a game overview, including game modes, levels/maps and features.. Read on!

The story takes place in the very near future. Gamers play a rookie member of the Global Assault Team, a commando squad created by international powers to take on a dangerous group of freelance terrorist factions better known as The Syndicate.

Made from of a collective of real bad guys - former Spetznaz, ex-KGB, corrupt CIA, deserted special forces and all kinds of mercenaries, "The Syndicate," make and break their own rules. They take hostages, sabotage and destroy vital installations to get the results they want and earn big bucks.
The GAT has the mandate to operate on a global level, prevent terrorist actions and dispose of The Syndicate any way they see fit.

In multiplayer mode up to 64 players can play as either The Syndicate or the GAT on a LAN or via the internet. The game will support the community with a level-editor, allowing gamers to create their own mods and skins in G-Max.

Game modes
New World Order has five very different game modes, varying from the ’basic’ adversarial game mode (eliminate the other team), playable on all levels, to more stealth and tactic modes such as Rescue Mode, where the GAT need to save hostages or retrieve stolen equipment to win the round.

NWO features 12 vast and comprehensive levels situated all over the globe. Each has its own detailed characteristics, entry points and challenging areas. Elaborate and clear mission briefings and in-game voice commands make the game stunningly realistic. Maps include; ”Sweden,” a large, winding Swedish town, ”Cargoship,” which features hazardous upper and lower decks, the claustrophobic, ”Tunnel,” where the two teams battle it out in a long and dark traffic tunnel and the, ”GAT Headquarters.”
Eight more levels complete a unique and great line-up for everlasting gameplay as there are multiple ways and routes to reach the objectives in each level.

New World Order is built on a completely new DVA engine, a unique technology that allows the creation of extremely complex environments. This revolutionary engine was developed in-house by Termite Games. As opposed to other engines, it calculates only what is visible to the player, thus allowing 3 to 5 times more polygons to show up on screen. Hi-tech features like bumpmapping, unlimited number of lightsources, per pixel lighting, dynamic player shadowing and realtime calculated physics allow the player to experience the most realistic combat scenes in gaming ever.

The game also introduces new features like per pixel damage detection, tons of real life weapons which are available by rank and a weight system that influences the player’s actions, thus adding even more balanced gameplay and entertainment.

Key Features

Teamplay based

Multiplayer (LAN and internet) and Single Player modes available

Realistic weapons from handguns to shotguns to sniper rifles AND loads of extra gear and equipment, like antiflash-goggles and silencer addons

Icon-System to perform actions (climb etc)

Five different game modes

12 levels/maps

Rank - A measure of your experience

Weight - The key to speed

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