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Pass the mic - this is HipHop 4!

by Thomas on Aug. 8, 2002 @ 1:24 p.m. PDT

The days of nodding along to Eminem or Nelly are over - with HipHop eJay 4 you can become your own MC! eJay's brand new music software program for PC-CD ROM builds on the success of the award-winning eJay HipHop series, crowned the USA's best-selling music creation software in 1999, and includes all the features you need to create a genuine hiphop sound in a matter of minutes!

HipHop eJay 4 comes complete with 4,000 exclusive royalty-free and top-quality music samples for making your own tracks, plus 500 Groove Generator™ drum sounds. You can practise and record your turntable talents in the Scratch Box™, spray your own virtual graffiti TAGs to go with your mixes using the innovative TAG Generator, and show off your freestyling skills in the Rap Box. All this plus the hallmarks of eJay easy-to-use technology such as the FX Studio, Time Stretcher and Sound Booster for just £29.99.

More than 4,000 brand new, royalty-free hiphop samples in CD quality: nu skool, rap, freestyle, old school, R'n'B and funk

48-track Arranger in stereo CD quality

Innovative Scratch Box™ with virtual turntables for professional live DJ scratching with your mouse

Rap Box™ - recording studio for rapping to your mix. 8 effect presets and 25 vocal presets available.

TAG Generator™ for spraying your own graffiti. Create a song logo or background image without getting in trouble with the police!

Groove Generator™ - combined drum computer and step sequencer with 500 drum sounds supplied for creating your own beats and recording live sessions

FX Studio including vocoder, harmonizer, equalizer, reverb etc. for modifying samples and creating new ones

Real Stretch™ Time Stretcher for changing the tempo of your samples without altering the pitch

User-friendly interface based on successful Drag & Drop principle

Web link up for access to the huge eJay online sound archive

Import MP3 files and export your own tracks as *.wav oder *.mix music files

Platform: PC CD-ROM
Release: 6th September 2002
Developer: eJay Entertainment GmbH
Publisher: Empire Interactive Europe Ltd

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