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Medal of Honor Allied Assault Expansion Details

by Thomas on Aug. 9, 2002 @ 7:32 a.m. PDT

Help the Allies win victory in freedom's finest hour and to liberate occupied Europe from Nazi Germany in Medal of Honor Allied Assault Expansion Pack. EA reveals details of the new expansion pack for Medal of Honor Allied Assault, the highly acclaimed first-person shooter that puts the player in the boots of WWII combat soldier during the invasion of fortress Europe. The game is currently under development by EALA and is scheduled for release this fall under the EA GAMES brand.

The expansion pack will allow owners of Medal of Honor Allied Assault to assume the role of Sergeant Jack Barnes and continue their fight from behind enemy lines in Normandy on D-Day to the Battle of the Bulge to the Fall of Berlin and the defeat of the thousand year Reich. More over, the game will include nine new single-player levels and over 12 new multi-player levels. Players will also have the opportunity to play as British, American, German and Soviet troops in an enhanced multi-player mode. Additionally, players will have the ability to choose from a vast arsenal of authentic Soviet and British weapons.

Staying true to the legacy that started with the original Medal of Honor(tm), the production team at EALA sought counsel from numerous outside sources to make certain the game is as historically authentic and realistic as possible. Hollywood veteran Capt. Dale Dye, who served as military consultant on the original Medal of Honor, Medal of Honor Underground(tm) and Medal of Honor Allied Assault, again worked with the Medal of Honor Allied Assault Expansion Pack team to insure the authenticity of the game.

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