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The Pink Panther : Pinkadelic Pursuit - Screens

by Thomas on Sept. 1, 2002 @ 8:49 a.m. PDT

1964 was the year of the Pink Panther's first appearance. Originally it was the name of a diamond stolen from an English jeweler which Inspector Clouseau was try to find in the film directed by Blake Edwards. Edwards asked a cartoon specialist, Fritz Freleng, to be the first designed for the title credits of his film. He wanted a feline which was very sophisticated but mischievous at the same time. Now Wanadoo is proud to announce the release in November 2002 on PSOne, PC and GBA of the game. Screens and story below!

Fritz Freleng and David DePatie created the Pink Panther. The credits were so popular with critics and the public that a series of cartoons was made which is still just as successful today. The 176 episodes are still being broadcast in 10 countries and 9 films have been realised.


The Pink Panther has just inherited his uncle's house. It is rumored that a Treasure is hidden in the house, somewhere underground. The Pink Panther is determined to find it, whatever happens. As soon as the Pink Panther enters the house, the game begins.

This platform game in 3D real time, developed by √Čtranges Libellules (Kirikou, V Rally 5…), has retained the spirit of the television series. The game is intended for all publics and will enthrall players from 6 to 77, through 9 levels and 3 different game modes: PLATFORMS, RACES AND BOSSES.

Good reflexes and shrewdness will be indispensable for the player to help the Pink Panther find the treasure and avoid the traps. By turns pursuing and being pursued by Inspector Clouseau (whose artificial intelligence has been particularly well developed), fighting the bosses and playing several separate mini-games as it progresses through the levels, the Pink Panther will entice you into exciting ordeals and fascinating worlds.

The game includes an innovative gameplay based on “hide and seek” which gives the Pink Panther the ability to blend in with the sets of the various worlds (it disguises itself as a lamp by putting a lampshade on its head, or takes up a position like hieroglyphics against a wall…) to make itself invisible to the prying eyes of its pursuers, but always with the style and class that have made its reputation!

With the Pink Panther the game is never over.


The Pink Panther is fishing peacefully out at sea, kept under very close scrutiny by Inspector Clouseau, when suddenly it is projected into outer space because of a wrongly programmed missile! From then on, the only thing it wants to do is get back home!

A different but just as gripping story on PSOne/PC, for a platform/action game which combines intrigues with breathtaking chases, and also with the “hide and seek” option with which the Pink Panther can fool the enemy!

In 3 episodes with different levels, going from the Cosmos to the undersea world via the discovery of the other side of the world, our Pink Panther uses various gadgets to combat its enemies and try to find its way home. And just like in the PSOne/PC version, throughout the adventure the player can play separate mini-games (particularly a paint battle against extra-terrestrials), which will sometimes be compulsory to gain access to the following levels.

With the Pink Panther the game is never over.

THE PINK PANTHER will be available on November, 13 th 2002 on PSOne, PC and GBA.

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