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'Armobiles' - Story, Features & Screens

by Thomas on Sept. 11, 2002 @ 4:53 p.m. PDT

Armobiles (Developed by Ganymede Technologies) is a combination of crazy car race and really hard shooter. High-speed cars moving across the map, on open, different environments in any direction with perfect graphic gives you amazing realistic entertaiment. Reaching a next checkpoint may be really tough, if you have behind you heavy-armored, well-armed, very quick opponents, who wants to eliminate you and reach this same target. Between stages you can buy better armors and better weapons. If it's not satisfactory for you, try to fight with real opponents (multiplayer (LAN) max. 6 opponents) in different game-play modes.

Armobiles combines a frantic car race with difficult shooting. The incredible game playability results from the perfect mixture of the fast engine, high quality graphics and sounds with numerous routes, cars and extra facilities.

Game Description

The unique game character results form the perfectly graphically prepared ROUTES situated in inaccessible parts of the world. The open spaces have various weather conditions and specific surface features. Numerous buildings, ruins, bridges, water pools and billboards create the gorgeous game scenery. What is more, driving inside the buildings, jumping over bars and racing on the airport carrier runway are possible. Furthermore, soil and water splash off the wheels, many shells are scattered, car elements are bent or fall off. A player can test his skills in the snow of Alaska, during the downpour in Australia and in the hot sun of Nevada Desert. He or she may also fight in an ex-German submarine base in Norway and on the glacier in Switzerland.

There are 6 CARS available in the game. Racing cars are equipped with multifunctional facilities. Apart from traditional fast-shooting machine guns, popular rockets, laser-steered bombs, grenades and many other futuristic devices can be found in the garage. Extra shields, turbo drive and invisibility module may be mounted in the car.

6 modes of individual game provide a lot of excitement. In an individual game the competitors are well-programmed bots, which prove to be skillful, highly clever and consistent while destroying the competitive cars.

The game also allows playing through the multi-personal LAN net as well as on the horizontally split screen.

The game is an interesting pastime for both advanced players and beginners. It has a highly intuitive interface which enables even beginners to set the game thoroughly. Apart from the keyboard, there are gamepads and force feedback joysticks.

Armobiles works correctly with all Windows system versions and operates in both DirectX and OpenGL technology.

Game Plot

It is the year 2009. For the latest five years the Earth has changed dramatically. All the countries have been united under the U.E.C (United Earth Confederation) and the global authorities have been elected. They have been imposing hard policy on the territories which they have been governing. There are no regular military organizations any more. The thoroughly selected mercenary division troops have replaced them. They are well-trained and well-paid specialists of all disciplines. Each troop consists of particular field experts and is prepared to perform specified tasks.

The player gets to the secret Armobile Squad Training Center, which is a division dealing with risky and hazardous missions involving specialized means of transportation. The invitation itself is a great reward - you are treated as one of the best drivers in the world.

Drivers can choose the vehicle they are trained on. They can also decide on the part of the world they are trained in and consequently on the tasks they will have to handle.

The Confederation takes care of its defendants. It has made 6 military training grounds available to them. They were previously used to research the latest weapon. They are all inaccessible for people and situated in isolated areas perfectly suitable for BattleCamp.

Nevertheless it will take a lot of time to be ready to serve in this division. There is the training course cycle ahead of you, which will prepare you to pass the final exam. In a way it is similar to sports competitions but the first prize is... the driver's life. On the military training ground you do not win the second prize but you lose the first prize, which usually means that you die. It is all up to you. Nevertheless you must remember that your life depends on your speed, endurance, reflex and skills, which are sometimes missing!

Game Modes

The game modes are divided into two groups:

They consist of two kinds of missions:

Driving School - It is a typical training game mode. Having selected it, one can choose the mission difficulty level, which means the speed and accuracy of the opponents and turrets, the number of opponents, the mission type as well as the car equipment.

Training Course - It is divided into 7 difficulty levels with 10 missions each. In each mission a player must perform tactical tasks using various equipment in different grounds. To complete the whole course it is necessary to pass all the 70 training missions.

They consist of both the missions played via the LAN and the split screen.

Split Screen - Players are enabled to play with the screen split horizontally or vertically. A game can be played both on the basis of both cooperation and competition, i.e. fighting. The split screen game is meant for two players.

Network - The split screen game is also meant for more than two players (maximum 4 people). It offers more ergonomic and comfortable playing.

Game Features

The race involving fast reasoning as well as quick and difficult decisions.
Amazing colorful graphics as well as sharp and smooth animation.
Dirt, dust and damage visible on the vehicle.
Gorgeous sound and music.
Variety of action territories - a dynamic game.
Unlimited routes, which do not make a player stick to the road.
Highly demanding competitors.
Dynamic film camera takes.
Detailed vehicle models.
Extremely realistic physics principle projection with the possibility of bending them.
Numerous game possibilities in individual and multi-personal modes.
The possibility of playing in a multi-personal mode using one monitor due to a split screen.
The possibility of playing with a gamepad, joystick and a steering wheel.
Force feedback operation.
Highly intuitive game interface.

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