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Legends of Terris - Features & Artwork

by Thomas on Sept. 12, 2002 @ 5:16 p.m. PDT

Indie Games producers, 'The Online Games Company' are announcing a new look and redesign for their massively popular 'Legends of Terris' client software. Due to be launched mid December, the new download boasts many new features.

New look character artwork from animator Minesh Palmar

Unique Graphical Inventory system

Brand new sound and music packs

Step By Step tutorial

Upgraded Game world Guidebook, including previously unreleased design documents, maps and race histories

Zoned locational artwork

Redesigned emote interface.

Designed to open up the world of text games to those who would not normally consider playing a MUD, OGC has ensured all the new additions can be switched off, allowing its existing playerbase to experience the game as they always have. The new wizard program allows those who have never immersed themselves in a text game to do so without reading reams of instructions, or wading through loads of help files.

About Legends of Terris

Welcome to a realm of might, magic and immortals. In a land where anyone can forge their own legend, do you have what it takes to join the ranks of the blessed? Will you fight the good fight, or join the legions of darkness? Will you fight for your Gods, or build your own barony? Create your own online persona, from the weapons they hold, to the guild they follow. Choose a profession from a knight to a rogue, magician to a fighter. Explore a realm of interactive fiction, packed with creatures to battle and quests to complete. This text-based game offers the chance to adventure with a cast of thousands.

Over Twelve Million Game hours logged

Enjoying its eighth successful year.

An online community of thousands

Largest ever European online game.

A constantly updated, highly developed game world

AOL's highest rated online game for five years running

Packed with thousands of Quests, monsters, Items and Areas

Running on the unique Horizon Engine

Real people, real time in a fantasy world.

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