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Ballerium: Developers Chat

by Thomas on Sept. 13, 2002 @ 12:29 p.m. PDT

Majorem Ltd. And The Stratics Massively Multiplayer Gaming Network are pleased to announce a dev-chat with the developers of Ballerium, the Massive multiplayer strategy game. The Chat will be held on September 17th at 7PM GMT in #BalleriumHoC on the Stratics IRC servers. Topic this evening will be "General Discussion". They will also be discussing the games current development status as well as the upcoming Beta test so make sure to join them that evening! Read more for server list!

To connect to one of the Stratics IRC servers you need to download an IRC client (mIRC, pirch, Ircle, or one of your favourite linux clients) and have it connect to port 6667 or, alternatively, to one of the following servers, preferably the one closest to you: port 6667 USA - Colorado port 6667 USA - Texas port 6667 EU - Germany port 6667 USA - Colorado

Once you are connected, you can join the #BalleriumHoC channel by typing
/join #BalleriumHoC

For more information on how to get connected using mIRC, please see

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