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Dynasty Warriors III (XB) - Screens & Features

by Thomas on Sept. 17, 2002 @ 2:09 p.m. PDT

Become a warrior from the ancient Chinese era of the Three Kingdoms with Dynasty Warriors 3. In this latest addition to the Dynasty Warriors series, they have challenged the limits of Tactical Action, and have added many new features such as 2 player mode and character-specific scenarios that alter according to gameplay. By combining the genres of action and simulation, this game seeks to provide the ultimate in video game entertainment.


  • 2 Player Co-op and Versus mode
  • Strengthened character personalities – now 41 characters!
  • Unique story line every time the game is played
  • New moves and “Elephant Troops” allow you to rampage across the battlefields!
  • More characters, more stages, more events…
  • New gameplay modes: Challenge mode, Time Attack and Endurance Mode…
  • Dynasty Warrior 3’s predecessor has received worldwide acclaim since its release in August 2000.

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