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Music 3 (PS2) Announced - Screens

by Thomas on Sept. 18, 2002 @ 12:30 p.m. PDT

'Voice 2 Music' and 'DJ Supermixer' modes lead list of innovative additions to multiple award-winning Music series… North Wales: Jester Interactive, the award-winning creators of the unique Music and MTV Music Generator series for PSone and PlayStation 2, and publishers of Super Trucks and Manic Miner, has announced it will release Music 3 for PlayStation 2 in Q4, 2002.

The Mold-based publisher built its enviable reputation with its range of award winning, user-friendly music creation titles for home video game systems. For the first time, console owners were free to use their machines for something other than playing games, and Music 3 continues this basis with Jester's most ambitious Music title to date.

As Jester strives to innovate with each new Music title, key additions to Music 3 are the new 'Voice 2 Music' and 'DJ Supermixer' features. The 'Voice 2 Music' mode allows users to add lyrics to their tracks via a microphone, with artists simply singing into a microphone and building their track around it.

Similarly, the stunning 'Supermixer' gives wannabe DJs the chance to practice their turntable skills. Six decks are left at the user's disposal as they segue and switch between the tracks, with Music 3 automatically determining the pitch and matching between tracks.

With these major enhancements enabling users to now add vocals and additional remixes to their work, Music 3 is the most comprehensive music creation system for any console, enabling users to blend samples and create tracks with ease. A simple yet effective menu system is used to assemble tracks using riffs and samples from the package's extensive libraries across 64 music channels.

Music 3 also improves upon the visual elements of its predecessor. Users can now incorporate video footage to accompany their tracks, with an extensive library offering footage of dancers, cities and a wealth of computer-generated images that can be pieced together into elaborate visual montages. Likewise, the audio elements are further boosted with users now having over 10,000 samples and 1,400 riffs at their disposal, while additional elements from external libraries can be imported via the PlayStation 2's USB port.

With Music 3, creating music on a console has never been easier. Jester Interactive has created a title worthy of continuing the Music mantle, and Music 3 is certain to become the definitive music generator for any format - even rivalling many of the higher priced, dedicated systems employed by casual and professional musicians alike.

Music 3 will be released for PlayStation 2, Q4 2002.

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