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'Chase: Hollywood Stunt Driver' Goes GOLD

by Thomas on Sept. 18, 2002 @ 2:24 p.m. PDT

BAM! Entertainment today announced that its first title for the Xbox video game system from Microsoft, Chase: Hollywood Stunt Driver, has gone gold and will be the first published title from Microsoft's Incubator Program when it reaches retail shelves later this month. The title was developed by South African-based I-Imagine Interactive, which became the first independent developer in the world to be signed up with Microsoft's Incubator Program and is the only licensed Xbox developer on the African continent.

"I-Imagine was the first developer to join the Incubator Program and Chase was the first game we approved," said Ed Fries, Vice President of Xbox Game Content. "The Incubator Program is all about giving new developers who might not have prior publisher affiliations more power to create great Xbox titles, and to be successful in doing so."

"This title is an important milestone for BAM! as it marks the achievement of an initial strategic initiative to offer entertainment products for all major hardware systems," said Anthony Williams, Managing Director of BAM! Entertainment. "We strongly believe in the quality and success of Xbox and the addition of Chase to our portfolio reflects the first of many future Xbox offerings from BAM!."

"Chase marks an historic achievement as the first console game developed in South Africa," said Dan Wagner, Managing Director of I-Imagine Interactive. "Being able to create such a quality game as Chase on such a powerful console as the Xbox has been a dream come true for us. This is an exciting time for I-Imagine."

Chase: Hollywood Stunt Driver follows the career of Chase Corrada, a sexy young stuntwoman starting her career as an action movie stunt driver. Driving vehicles that range from pickup trucks to motorcycles, up to four players can attempt a variety of difficult jumps and smash through props as they race through different movie sets covering more than a dozen unique scenes to deliver the spectacular special effects demanded by the films' directors.

BAM! Entertainment is supporting the launch of Chase: Hollywood Stunt Driver with an extensive marketing campaign including a broad print media schedule, online advertisements, and innovative retailer and consumer cross-promotions.

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