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'Soldier Of Fortune II' - Upcoming Patch Information

by Thomas on Sept. 18, 2002 @ 9:05 p.m. PDT

Today we received some new information concerning an upcoming patch for Raven Software's hit selling FPS "Soldier Of Fortune II: Double Helix". The 1.02 patch will address several fixes/bugs, including a few new "additions". Read more for a full detailed list.


  • Fire grenades got minor damage increase for fire on ground
  • M-60 third-person reload animation now properly timed
  • Increased the rate of fire on the M60
  • Slight accuracy adjustment on pistols
  • All pistols are now single fire but can be fired much faster.
  • Should now say "detonated by X's m203" when killed by the m203
  • g_availableWeapons cvar no longer modifiable, now controlled through "disable_*" cvars.
  • Fixed bug that would cause people to join the game with no weapons
  • if crouched when walking over an item it will make no noise when it is picked up
  • Crouching in mid air no longer gives accuracy bonus. This means that shooting when jumping will be much more inaccurate as initially intended
  • Slight increase to the MP5's accuracy
  • M3A1's accuracy has been increased
  • With friendly fire off you can no longer kill a teammate with a grenade by changing teams immediately after throwing it.


  • Raven map updated to fix the roof bug and the window bug on roof
  • RMG infiltration improved to generate better maps more consistently


  • Added PunkBuster anti-cheat software
  • Console command 'hash' removed due to its use in cheating
  • Added client command "ignore". This allows a client to ignore all chat messages from another client.
  • Added server command "mute". This allows a server admin to turn off chat messages for a given client.
  • g_forceFollow can now be set to force first person spectating
  • Removed cvars that were used as exploits in the game
  • cl_avidemo now generates TGA files instead of jpeg files.


  • Use button will now toggle between first and third person spectating when following someone
  • Round timer now starts after the round start delay making each round the total of both numbers
  • No longer spawn as a ghost during warm-up if the round has already started
  • Can no longer shoot teammates during warm-up even if friendly fire is set to 1
  • Can now pick up bomb, case, etc immediately after its dropped when someone dies
  • Timelimit will no longer interrupt a round in progress so the last round will always be finished
  • Added g_teamkillNoExcuseTime and g_teamkillNoExcuseMultiplier to control the amount of time in the beginning of the round where there is no excuse for team killing. The multiplier controls the amount of tk% given for damage done during the no excuse time.
  • Team kill damage is now doubled if you kill a teammate carrying the flag, briefcase or bomb
  • Should no longer get "server is for low pings only" message when a server has sv_maxping set and is full
  • When the counter hits zero on warm-up it should restart quickly rather than the laggy restart it did in the past
  • Autojoin should always join the team in need now
  • New hud representation of team scores including total and alive player counts
  • Loading screen informs you if friendly fire is enabled now
  • About box now says whether or not friendly fire is on
  • MOTD from master server should now show up in the connect screen

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