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Red Dead Revolver (PS2) - Screens

by Thomas on Sept. 19, 2002 @ 10:24 a.m. PDT

This gunslinger-style, third person action shooter introduces Capcom's latest hero, Red, as a mysterious, gritty hero who recalls the best of classic Western movie heroes. Red Dead Revolver recreates the American Wild West in the stunning 3-D graphics of frontier towns, mine shafts, a ghost town and an old military fort. Red Dead Revolver is scheduled to release this winter. Ten new shots below!

Red Dead Revolver features:

  • Capcom's newest action classic with a true Western flare
  • Fast action gunslinger-style battles
  • Highly detailed characters with more than 1000 character animations
  • Stunning 3-D graphics recreate the dusty American frontier
  • Immersive game play with a complex AI system
  • Detailed targeting system
  • Ride and fight on horses, use flawless gunfighter skills, stealth, hand-to-hand combat and much more
  • Different AI characters have different emotions and behaviors, and react to outside forces according to their personalities and relationships to other characters
  • Fight with old time Western artillery including pistols, shotguns, whips and dynamite, and with special combat moves and a variety of power-up items.
  • Multi-player -- supports four players for death match-style battles
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