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'Dakar 2' Announced For GC/PS/XB - Facts & Screens

by Thomas on Sept. 20, 2002 @ 1:14 p.m. PDT

Back in the driving seat, Acclaim Entertainment today announced it will release Dakar 2, the all-action arcade version of the most radical endurance rally in the world, across all console platforms in February 2003. The game sees a radical departure from the original, offering a wealth of options and gameplay advancements which will leave off-road race fans gripped and on the edge of their seat as they battle for the finish line. "Dakar 2 Builds On Success Of Paris-Dakar Rally By Delivering Exciting New Features, Adventure And Full-On Arcade Action"

"Dakar 2 is a totally new game rather than a simple improvement on the original," said Ned Browning, European Brand Manager. "Dakar 2 will provide a distinctive gameplay experience that really challenges the player and will offer a unique and exciting alternative to the traditional formulaic rally game."

Founded on two essential values - courage and endurance - the Dakar Rally has always united in the grandest and most extreme settings - the most beautiful and mythical of all deserts – the Sahara. The Paris-Dakar Rally famously pits 350 drivers against each other in a gruelling race over 6,500 miles. Participants race a variety of mixed-terrain vehicles including motorcycles, off-road 4X4 trucks and rally cars. Drivers are not only subjected against the fierce competition of several hundred other drivers but also need to battle against the most severe rallying conditions from the vastly challenging terrain and intense climate and weather conditions.

Players will be taken to the heart of the challenge through:

Full on Arcade action – tighter tracks, faster cars, more traffic

New checkpoint system to increase urgency and excitement

Updated licensed cars, trucks and bikes for 2003

Full damage on all vehicles – visible and physical

Race cars vs trucks vs bikes in a 600 vehicle race from Paris to Dakar

Navigational rallying across desert, dunes, forest and towns

Features town stages in France, Spain and Morocco and then progresses on to traditional Dakar landscapes

Race through a huge variety of visually rich environments including towns, villages, off-road tracks and traffic

Close interaction with the environment, including animals, villagers, water, bush, trees, mines, etc.

Dakar 2 will be available early next year across all of the all console platforms at suggested retail prices of £39.99. For more information on Acclaim, please visit

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