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'American Conquest' - Overview Screenshot

by Thomas on Sept. 21, 2002 @ 9:09 a.m. PDT

Delve into the pages of history after the discovery of the American continent by Christopher Columbus in 1492 AD. Live through 300 years of fierce armed conflict for land, riches and freedom - all in four campaigns with 30 missions.. One new screenshot "A Huge look At the American Conquest World"

You won't survive unless you perform superb strategic feats and exhibit a true flair for diplomacy. And the best part of it all is that you can decide for yourself which side you're going to be on! Keep a cool head, especially when 16,000 soldiers are firing their guns on the battlefield all around you. Get ready for never-ending first-rate excitement!


Historically correct real-time battles with up to 16,000 units

Era between 1492 and 1813

4 thrilling campaigns with 30 missions: the American War of Independence, the Seven Years' War, the War of Tecumesh and Pizarro's Expedition

6 simulations of historical battles

12 separate single player missions

12 different nations: Spanish, English, France, Aztec, Incan, Mayan, Sioux, Huron, Delaware (Algonquin), Iroquois League, Pueblo, American

100 different units and 160 buildings

Tactical formations for infantry, cavalry and artillery using officers, drummers and standard bearers

Realistic artillery with gunner squadrons

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