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CAPCOM Tokyo Show Console Lineup

by Thomas on Sept. 23, 2002 @ 10:35 a.m. PDT

Today we recived some game information from CAPCOM and their Tokyo show lineup, BoF: Dragon Quarter, Clock Tower 3, Fighting All Stars, Devil May Cry 2, Mega Man... Read more for all facts and also a bunch of shots from following games, auto modellista, Gio Gio's Bizarre Adventure and Devil May Cry 2!

Breath of Fire : Dragon Quarter
Format: PlayStation®2 Computer Entertainment System
Genre: RPG
Scheduled release: TBC

The game is a brand new installment in the highly acclaimed RPG series that originally debuted in 1993 and has since then sold millions of units worldwide. Renowned for its innovative gameplay mechanics, this latest incarnation completely redefines the Breath of Fire role-playing game. Set in an underground world that time has forgotten, Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter takes players on a journey to the surface of the earth. The game will sport a whole new 3D-world look, an engrossing story line, brand new stylized visuals and innovative gameplay features.

Devil May Cry 2
Format: PlayStation®2 Computer Entertainment System
Genre: Action
Scheduled release: Q1 2003

Dante, the half-human/half-demon devil hunter, returns to use his unearthly powers to thwart an evil attempt to revive once-perished demons that seek world domination. Dante is larger than life with the addition of new moves and stunning attacks. Players are sure to notice his unique style and overall look. The game's level design is even more magnificent than the original. Devil May Cry 2 is the second generation of last years smash hit, Devil May Cry, that sold more than two million units worldwide.

Red Dead Revolver
Format: PlayStation®2 Computer Entertainment System
Genre: Action Shooter
Scheduled release: TBC

Capcom brings the old west to life in Red Dead Revolver. In the savage and rough days of the American West, a hard working, homestead family is suddenly attacked by desperadoes, and robbed of their possessions and lives. The loan survivor, a young boy named, Red, is rescued by a wise Indian, given a home and taught the ways of survival. The old West will never be the same as Red fights with honour, seeking vengeance on the savage outlaws of the frontier.

Clock Tower 3
Format: PlayStation®2 Computer Entertainment System
Genre: Horror Adventure
Scheduled release: Japan release: Winter 2002/2003

Prepare yourself for a wicked battle of good versus evil in Clock Tower 3. Somewhere, lurking in the foggy alleyways of London, an evil demon lies in wait for his chosen one. On the other side of town, a young girl named Alyssa innocently prepares for her upcoming birthday. However, little does she realize that the biggest surprise waiting for her is her destiny. Alyssa is part of a historic bloodline and about to be drawn into a terrifying nightmare, full of insane challenges, cruel beasts and horrifying battles of good versus evil. But, heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Follow Alyssa and guide her as she battles the legendary demon and a hoard of swirling evil sprits in this shocking action-horror adventure that will make you quiver with fear.

Resident Evil
Format: GameCube®
Genre: Survival Horror
Scheduled release: Q1 2003

Resident Evil Ø is the prequel to Resident Evil, the game that first introduced the world to the mega blockbuster franchise which has sold more than 20 million units. Utilizing the GameCube's advanced processing power, Resident Evil Ø will amaze players with flawless animation, living environments and an all-new game system called "Partner Zapping"! Play as Rebecca, a rookie Raccoon City Police Officer who first appeared in the original Resident Evil, and Billy, a framed convict on the run. The "partner zapping" feature allows players to switch between the two main characters at the blink of an eye. Experience the first chapter of the Resident Evil saga, and the mysterious event leading up to Umbrella's catastrophic disaster at the notorious mansion.

Mega Man Battle Network Transmission (Japan Title)
Format: GameCube®
Genre: Action
Scheduled release: TBA

Product information will soon follow.

Mega Man Battle Network 3
Format: Game Boy® Advance
Genre: RPG
Scheduled release: TBA

Mega Man.EXE is back and in mega trouble in the sequel to Mega Man Battle Network. This time, there's a new net crime organization in town and its computer hacking has created a computer virus that's quickly gaining momentum. It's up to Mega Man.EXE, Lan and his friends to join the Net-battlers and win this new cyber struggle by defeating viruses, battling bosses and solving problems.

Steel Battalion
Format: Xbox
Genre: Action Simulator
Scheduled release: Q1 2003

Featuring an amazing 40 button controller, Steel Battalion gives action players the most realistic simulation experience ever as they assume the control of a mechanized VT (Vertical Tank). A riot has ensued on a Pacific island ruled by a military dictatorship. Your mission, as part of a multinational task force operation, is to partake in the struggle to overthrow the government and diffuse the riot while piloting your VT tactical weapon on the battlefield.

Capcom Fighting All Stars
Format: Arcade
Genre: Fighting
Scheduled release: Japan release: This Winter

Capcom Fighting All Stars brings together brawlers, including hidden characters, from the Capcom and SNK franchises to battle in a multitude of stages.


Gio Gio's Bizarre Adventure

Auto Modellista

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