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'Red Faction II' (PS2) - Screens & The Six-Super Soldiers

by Thomas on Sept. 23, 2002 @ 10:58 a.m. PDT

Red Faction II features squad based gameplay to enhance the FPS experience. Using intelligent scripting and AI, your squad will assist you through the game to deepen the gameplay experience, and ensure your campaign to overthrow the evil Sopot go to plan… You play as Alias, and below is a list of your comrades and their abilities.

ALIAS - subject number 1093
Special Skills - Demolitions
Is a veteran of the Sopot Special Forces Team for 7 years, with foreign service experience. Subject has earned the Chancellor's Quattro-cluster for heroism and the Sopot medal of valour. Military service files noted above-average intelligence, above-average leadership, above-average loyalty, above-average courage, and above-average combat skills.

SHRIKE - subject number 888
Special Skills - Transportation
A 6 year veteran of the army air corps, specialist in all forms of military transportation and has foreign services experience. Can think creatively which has made him an excellent choice for a large number of high-risk operations. Service file notes that subject is educated, skilful and confident, but has not been recommended for promotion due to tendency to 'creatively interpret orders'.

TANGIER - subject number 307
Special Skills - Stealth & Electronics
Subject was amongst the adolescent orphans shipped post-rebellion from the ultor complex on Mars to the commonwealth. Because of her demonstrated technical expertise, subject was immediately assigned to the Sopot intelligence services. Subject has distinguished herself in domestic and foreign covert operations.

QUILL - subject number 755
Special Skills - Sniper
Service records note that subject is an expert sniper who has successfully inserted into numerous high-risk situations on foreign soil. Subject is highly decorated and has been commended for courage under fire. No political convictions or unit loyalty, but expressed willingness to do 'whatever it takes' to enhance her physical abilities.
Processing has improved Quill's subject's already impressive athleticism and coordination. Enthusiastic about her improved prowess and the ability to 'think more clearly'.

REPTA - subject number 530
Special Skills - Heavy Weapons
Subject's service record notes a history of berserker violence, several allegations of involvement in atrocities, and low impulse control. The subject was not originally slated for project Sopot's blade. However, at the insistence of secretary of defence Molov, under whom the subject has served for many years, the subject was included in the project. Subject exhibits extreme loyalty to commander Molov and is amenable to his orders.

MOLOV - subject number 01
Special Skills - Excels in all forms of armed combat
Army of the commonwealth commander and decorated was hero, the subject strongly supports the Chancellor's programme for nano-technology experimentation. Recently appointed to the position of Secretary of Defence, the subject is an outspoken advocate for the creation of a force of nano-technology enhanced soldiers. He is your squad leader.

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