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'Woody Woodpecker Crazy Castle 5' Trailers

by Thomas on Sept. 27, 2002 @ 9:08 a.m. PDT

Tantalus Interactive has partnered with Japanese publisher Kemco to develop Woody Woodpecker in Crazy Castle 5 for Nintendo's Game Boy Advance. The Crazy Castle series is one of the most popular handheld franchises ever, and Crazy Castle 5 promises to be the best yet. Crazy Castle 5 puts Tantalus at the forefront of GBA development worldwide, showcasing a prolific technology base, and rich pool of artistic talent. Today we got four .AVI movies, features exclusively in-game footage.. Read more for the links!

Woody promo movie 1 [4.9Mb]

Woody promo movie 2 [5.5Mb]

Woody promo movie 3 [5.4Mb]

Woody promo movie 4 [5.3Mb]

The game itself boasts a game world of unprecedented size, with hours upon hours of game play across 6 unique environments.

Here are a few of the game's other features:

Polygon Woody Woodpecker character, able to peck his way through objects in the game world.

Seven unique variations of the Woody character, courtesy of the proprietary Tantalus CRIS engine.

Incredible proprietary compression system the crams 8MB of game data into 4MB. The most successfully compressed GBA game ever.

6 unique and extremely detailed game worlds, featuring three layer of parallax.

Realistic 3D animation of player character and enemies.

Lighting effects, and translucent colors for flame and water effects.

The most challenging and sophisticated AI ever on a handheld.

Cut scene animations that are the standard of TV cartoons

Tantalus official site HERE

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