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Roll up! Roll up! AI Generals needed.

by Thomas on Sept. 27, 2002 @ 6:54 p.m. PDT

Pick up any real time strategy game off the shelves and you'll be asked to beat off, out smart and over come numerous computer controlled adversaries set against you in every level. These enemies have been promised to be tactical geniuses that will tax you to the hilt but usually end up being moronic fools who'll happily run onto the end of your sword without a second thought.

Well no longer thanks to Warrior Kings: Battles (WKB) from Black Cactus and Empire Interactive.

The next instalment in the Warrior Kings series will put an end to the attack of the clones feeling that every new level brings in other RTS games. WKB will set you up against foes that will not only give you a run for your money on the battle field but will have personalities that will dictate their battle methods.

And to make these new AI Generals even more life like Black Cactus and Empire Interactive will be giving a selection of people the chance to forever be ingrained in gaming history by becoming some of the AI Generals in WKB.

By simply emailing a picture of yourself to you will be entered into a competition to win something that money can't buy - your inclusion as an AI General in WKB. You can win by giving us an explanation as to why you deserve to be in the game - the weirdest, funniest & wackiest explanations will win it. Then on the 14th October 2002 a team comprised from Black Cactus and Empire Interactive will choose a selection of people to become the faces of the enemies in the release version of WKB.

Fame will be yours (definitely), people will stop you in the streets and ask for your autograph (maybe) and the Sunday tabloids will have you plastered across their front pages every other weekend (OK they almost certainly won't) but an AI general you will be. Check out the example shown.

So get those cameras clicking and pop an image of yourself over to us and you never know; It could be you!

But remember: All rights reserved. The Judges decision is final. No Cash alternative. No messing about. No Demanding royalties or any other such activities. You have no rights whatsoever to approve or check your image. You get what you are given, if you are lucky enough to be given it. Sending is not proof of receipt. If somebody else sends an image of you, we will not be held responsible. Closing date is strictly the 14th of October.

Platform: PC
Release: February 2003
Developer: Black Cactus

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