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James Cameron’s Dark Angel (XB/PS2) - Screens & Facts

by Thomas on Sept. 3, 2002 @ 10:57 a.m. PDT

Based on the hit TV series created by Academy Award winner James Cameron. With over 30 single-player missions and 6 unique post-pulse environments, players will step into Jessica Alba’s role as Max, crusading to find her sister and her fellow genetically-altered escapees.

James Cameron’s Dark Angel is a 3rd person action adventure game, with emphasis on stealth and fighting, based on the hit TV series of the same name. Set against the backdrop of a post-apocalyptic Seattle, players take on the role of Max, a genetically-enhanced super-soldier, on a quest to reclaim her past by finding her sister and fellow genetically-altered escapees.

As a child Max escapes from her military creators, Manticore, along with a handful of her “siblings”, and makes a life for herself on the edgy streets of 21st-century Seattle. Haunted by dark memories of her victimization at the hands of Manticore personnel, Max is on a quest to reclaim her past and locate her missing “siblings”. Max believes that by finding her “family” she can overcome the battle that rages inside her, as the soldier she has always been is confronted by the woman she wishes to become.

Play through multiple missions and objectives on each level, which will include side stories of lost siblings, destroying Manticore, and helping Logan Cale overturn corrupt government movements.


  • Original captivating storyline, with likeness and voice-overs by Jessica Alba (Max) and Michael Weatherly (Logan).
  • Well-balanced combination of action and adventure with mission-based Story Mode (single-player) to guide the player through the game.
  • Innovative fighting system that includes intense hand-to-hand fighting, unique evasive moves, enhanced vision and hearing, slow motion effects and stealth.
  • Rage System: Allows players to unlock and unleash a new set of faster and more devastating fighting moves, unlocking Max’s soldier within.
  • A range of unique futuristic Manticore villains, including 5 bosses.
  • Emotional Impact System (EIS) offers enhanced replayability and allows the user to decide the ultimate outcome by choosing from various scenarios.
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