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Airborne Assault Patch 2 with MapMaker

by Thomas on Sept. 30, 2002 @ 1:04 p.m. PDT

Australian developers, Panther Games and publisher are pleased to announce the release of Patch 2 for "Airborne Assault - Red Devils over Arnhem". This patch includes the new beta MapMaker application. With the MapMaker and the previously released ScenMaker, users now have complete freedom to design their own battles for the AA engine, including non-Market Garden battles covering the actions on the entire Western Front 1944-1945!

Also released in conjunction with Patch 2 and available for separate download are three AA Expansion Packs, each containing a map with one or more scenarios:

Nijmegen Crossing – 8 x 8km map based on the bridges across the Waal River at Nijmegen. Comes with one non-historical scenario.

Singling – 12 x 15km map based on a section of the Saar River area in eastern France 1944. Comes with three non-historical scenarios.

Panther Lair – 10 x 10km fictional map. Comes with one non-historical scenario.

To download the free patch and expansion packs go to

Background information:

Panther Games president, Dave O’Connor, says "the door is now open for users to create their own AA battles. The MapMaker provides users with a tremendous tool for creating maps. Scanned images of real topographical maps can be imported and used as an underlay over which the user can draw their map. Users can edit the data values for each terrain type and adjust visibility effects and movement rates. The MapMaker comes with a pdf Guide which explains how easy it is to create your own maps."

"The Expansion Packs provide further scope for users to design their own scenarios on different maps. We plan to release further expansion packs in the coming months. Under development is a "Screaming Eagles over Hell’s Highway" pack that will include a full 28 x 40km map of the Eindhoven area and the additional unit types to cover the extra forces involved. This will enable users to develop a whole range of scenarios for the US 101st Airborne Division’s battle to hold open Hell’s highway during Operation Market Garden."

"A full map of the Nijmegen area is also under development, which when released as the "All American over Nijmegen" pack will allow users to design scenarios for the US 82nd Airborne Divisions battle for Nijmegen. This will extend the scope of Airborne Assault to cover all three of the Market Garden airborne battles. "

Keep posted to the website for more details.

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