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'Red Faction II' On-line Campaign Week 3 - MP Mode

by Thomas on Sept. 30, 2002 @ 5:00 p.m. PDT

Red Faction 2" is the sequel to one of the biggest original franchise releases of 2001. Powered by enhancements to Volition's revolutionary Geo-Mod engine that allows players to alter and destroy the game environment in real-time, "Red Faction 2" introduces a host of new features and improvements constructed around a gripping storyline. Players will be tasked with completing multiple mission objectives with an arsenal of weapons and items at their disposal.. Today we serve you with a cut-out-'n'-keep guide to the multiplayer modes and power-ups. Ohh, and 12 new split-screen multiplayer grabs.

There are several elements to Multiplayer in Red Faction II - from around 40 different maps and characters to choose from to several different play styles, including a locked Multiplayer mode 'Regime', ready for you to discover. Up to 4 players can play head to head in one of the most popular modes to play FPS games.

All the favourites are there including Deathmatch and CTF, as well as newer twists on multiplayer including Bagman and Arena. Of course no multiplayer mode would be the same without powerups, and Red Faction II is complete with all the favourites. Tie in levels with Geo-Mod and you have a unique twist on the frag action, with hidden areas, extra weapons and

Another innovative element of the multiplayer is the Team modes. With the advanced statting engine in Red Faction II, even bots can gain skill and can be used in team modes to enhance the multiplayer experience, by playing team on team for games like Team Arena and of course the traditional Capture the Flag.

The Multiplayer Game Types In Full

  • Deathmatch
    It's you versus everyone else. No teams, no rules, just an all-out frag-fest. The first player to reach the kill limit or who has the most number of kills when the time limit for the game exceeds (based on your multi-player game settings), wins.

    Quick rules for Deathmatch:

    • There are none! Kill everyone in sight and try to collect the most number of frags.
  • Team Deathmatch
    Same as Deathmatch, but all participants are on one of two teams. You can choose which team to be on at the start of the match.
  • Capture the Flag (CTF)
    This team-based game pits the Red Team against the Blue Team in a quest to capture your opponents' flag and return it safely to your base for a score. The first team to reach the score limit wins the match.
  • Quick rules for CTF: -
    You can only capture your opponent's flag and win a point if your flag is safe at your home-base.
    If your flag is stolen from your base, you must kill the opponent who has captured it and 'run-over' the flag in order to return it.
    If they are lined up correctly, players are able to see where each team's flags and how far away they are from their location.
  • Bagman
    The goal in Bagman is to find the 'bag' and hold on to it for as long as possible without getting killed. Players receive points for each frag and for every second they successfully hold on to the bag. The match is over when a player reaches the allocated score.

    Quick rules for Bagman:

    • If they are lined up correctly, players are able to see where the 'bag' is and how far away it is from their location at any given time.
    • When the 'Bagman' is killed, the 'bag' will drop to the floor. Run over it to pick it up and become the next bagman.
  • Arena
    Arena is a 'best-of' series where a player must win a pre-determined series of round in order to win the entire match. It's similar to deathmatch, except the game is round based, players cannot respawn after being killed until the next round begins, and every player is able to use only a pre-selected weapon for the entire match.
  • TeamArena
    Same as 'Arena' except team-based.
  • Regime
    Regime is a locked multi-player mode. To access it, you must unlock it through playing the one player game and unearthing a hidden objective…

Multi-player Powerups

If Powerups are turned 'On', the player may occasionally run into items that temporarily increase his power and ability. Just a few of the available Powerups are:

  • Damage Multiplier - increases the user's damage 2x for a short period of time
  • Slo-Mo - Makes everyone else slow down for a short period whilst you remain at full speed - great for taking out the opposition before they get a chance to react!
  • Shield - Gives you invulnerability for a short period
  • Magnet - pulls your opponents into your firing range for a short period

Multi-player Game Stats

At the end of each multiplayer round, you will be presented with a list of stats applicable from the game just player. These stats include number of frags, number of deaths and suicides, preferred weapon, and total score. The actual types of stats recorded and displayed will be dependent on the multiplayer game type played. You also have the option to save your profile at the end of each multiplayer game on this screen.

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