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Cossacks Strike Back

by Thomas on Sept. 5, 2002 @ 1:11 p.m. PDT

Fans of the mega smash hit Cossacks and its add-on Cossacks – The Art of War are in for a treat this October, when CDV releases its greatest expansion pack to date: Cossacks – Back to War. Best of all, gamers will not need an original copy of the game as Back to War will either run as a standalone title, or integrate itself into players’ current Cossacks configuration. Read more below for Features and NEW Screens!

Cossacks is a real-time strategy phenomenon, having sold over 500,000 units since its original release. The game allows players to command vast armies – up to 8,000 units per map – in authentic historical warfare, set between the 16th and 18th Centuries.

Featuring over 100 new single player missions, Cossacks – Back to War offers over two and a half as many levels as its previous iteration. It also introduces two new nations into the battle – Switzerland and Hungary – offering established players totally new strategic choices. But the fun’s not over once this century of maps has been exhausted; a random terrain generator offers almost infinite replayability – just tweak the preferred variables such as map size, AI level, etc. – whilst the sophisticated map editor allows players to easily design campaigns to spec. As a bonus, ‘Mod1’, created by one of the game’s most ardent fans, is included, offering a further 30 playable maps, with a unique set of units.

Multiplayer fans are in for joy, too. Back to War introduces a new VIZOR system, which allows players to watch multiplayer games in progress, picking up addition tips from real-life competitors. An Automated Championship System (ACS) promotes individual Cossacks tournaments as well as hosting a worldwide ranking system which will list the best players in the world.

Cossacks - Back to War will work with the original Cossacks game or as a standalone title, meaning more players than ever before will be able to enjoy the brilliant Cossacks world.

It will be published by CDV Software Entertainment UK for PC CD-ROM during October 2002, priced £19.99.


Unique standalone and expansion pack format, enabling everyone to play the game

100 new single-player missions

4 levels of difficulty

2 new nations: Switzerland and Hungary

20 different European nations to command

New Automated Championship System (ACS) for online rankings and promotion

VIZOR mode allows players to watch others battling over the Internet

Bonus ‘Mod1’, featuring another 30 new missions

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