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'Summoner 2' - Critical Path Walkthrough

by Thomas on Sept. 7, 2002 @ 12:19 p.m. PDT

"Summoner 2," the sequel to one of the top-selling PlayStation 2 launch titles, "Summoner," is scheduled to ship on September 13. Developed by THQ's studio, Volition, creators of "Red Faction," "Summoner 2" features an enhanced game engine, stunning graphics, an intense real-time combat system and a compelling storyline.. Today we recived Summoner 2 Critical Path Walkthrough from THQ that you can check out below!

Summoner 2 Critical Path Walkthrough


1. Begin “The Tempest” with Maia and battle until Pirate Captain appears. Defeat Pirate Captain to discover where Prince Neru’s pirate hideout is and advance to the Isle of Teomura.

2. Maia and Sangaril will have to go uphill to the summoning stone on Island of Teomura. Must use summoning stone. Get Blood Summon lvl 1. Enter solo mode as Maia. Take the leftmost exit from the Summoning stone room, up the stairs, right past the Tree Monster attack, and hug the lefthand wall of the large room with Tree Monsters, continuing to the leftmost exit from that room. Follow the lefthand rule for the rest of the level. Skirt the edges of traps to avoid damage. Run past all encounters until reaching the pirates guarding the bridge near the waterfall. Activate the waterfall sequence at center of bridge to transport Sangaril to bridge. Exit Solo Mode. Defeat the pirates and get the Lair key from the last pirate in the level. Unlock the door to Neru’s lair.

3. Enter the lair and defeat the three pirates in the foyer. Go through the main hall and downstairs, on the right side of the hall as you enter it, to Neru’s guestroom. Interview Dama Sivora and get Neru’s Gem from a chest there. Return to the main hall, defeating the two pirates on the stairs. Ascend the metal grated slope on the opposite side of the main hall to the balcony where the gate control console is located. Use Neru’s Gem at the console to open waterfall gates. Go back down the balcony ramp and go up the ramp opposite the entrance to the main hall you originally came through to Neru’s ship. Run past the two pirates guarding the ramp and onto the docks where the ship is located. The conversation with Neru begins automatically. At the end of the dialog, choose the “Then let’s go” phrase to exit Neru’s Lair.

4. Choose Halassar from the World Map, only choice. After hearing Dama Bashra’s update, go through the right door of balcony, through the next right door, and down stairs into Surdama Kir’s room. Speak the Rite of the Prophets before leaving. Exit to the courtyard and head right through the doors. Follow staircase down to the landing and enter door on the right to talk to Taurgis. Continue down, through the throne room, down the stairs, to the front door. Speak with Captain Talma and choose “Let’s be off then…” At the World Map, choose Imperial Sepulchre

5. Enter the Sepulchre and talk to General Kosi. Go through the door next to Kosi and up the stairs. Fight the Medevans in the next room to talk to Captain Talma. Go through the door Captain Talma is standing next to and fight way to cannon. Use Sangaril to backstab guards and get lever. Return to Captain Talma’s room and go through door directly across the room. Kill all Medevans between this point and the summoning stone, as scripting otherwise will not allow player to proceed. Fight to balcony and use lever in slot. Use fixed lever to turn off fire. Go downstairs and through hallway leading down to the summoning stone (Tree Summon lvl 1). Go up stairs to Eleh monster room. Raise portcullis and kill the Medevan who usually stands in the middle of the lower area for Tomb Key 1 of 3. Climb ramp back to the upper level and go right. Proceed until reaching a soldier under attack. Save soldier and he will give you Tomb Key 2 of 3. Return to the portcullis and head through the opposite archway. Proceed to a giant head sculpture. At the head, go right to the beach and kill Medevans to get Tomb Key 3 of 3. Return to the head and go straight as you are now entering the room, the left hallway. Use the three keys to unlock and then open the door to encounter Krobelus. Destroy the orbs on the pedestals to lower his force field and defeat him. After beating Krobelus, return to Halassar via the World Map


6. In Halassar, talk to Surdama Kir before moving to the courtyard where you will meet Sangaril. Take either the left or right door down to the throne room where Dama Sivora will be sentenced. Afterwards, go down to the front door and turn right. Go up the stairs to talk to Taurgis. Enter, talk to emissary and kill her. Exit the room and talk to Taurgis. Go down to front door, talk to Sangaril, and exit the castle to leave for Indubal.

7. Go forward through two doors to see how Imarbeth’s Riddle works. Team splits up. Run Taurgis through rooms ignoring monsters until he sees the pedestal. Click on it and he waits for signal. Have Maia talk to Imarbeth and then fight the first group of Galdyran soldiers, one of whom will drop the Gate Key. Run through this section to final door, using Gate Key to open gates as needed. Click on last door to see that it is locked. A modal sequence will show guards behind Maia, one of whom drops an Indubal Key to open door to Maia’s button. Use button console. Have Sangaril run to the trigger, avoiding all soldiers, and start cutscene. Skip sequences to the first trial of killing the 4 guards (kill them), walk on summoning stone (Sand Summon lvl 1) next, defeat Azraman with Taurgis. Exit the building, turn right, go down the stairs, and follow path around to the multi-pillar area with the large exit door. Exit and go to Munari City 1.

8. In Munari City 1, mount the stairs to Mas Raldo’s room for his modal sequence. Exit through the door, head down the ramps, through the tunnel more or less ahead of the player. Exiting the tunnel, climb the ramp straight ahead and turn right. Continue through the tunnel and activate the transport console to go to Munari City 2.

9. After exiting the tram, continue along the tunnel. Follow the left-hand rule and continue to climb ramps until coming to another tunnel. Enter tunnel and after emerging from the tunnel at a landing with 2 blue flags, keep right, go past the blue door and the large Iris Door, and enter Mas Ora’s house to talk about Morbazan. Exit the house, turn right, and go down the spiral ramp directly outside to exit to the Arena.

10. Skip through all sequences until controlling Maia in the Arena. Run past the gladiators until reaching top of ramp and kill archer, ending the fight. Ascend the spiral ramp right of the gambling counter as you view it after talking to Tabarmo to reenter Munari City 2.

11. Reenter Mas Ora’s house and talk to Morbazan.


12. Retrace path back to Mas Raldo’s Harbor home. Ask Mas Raldo about Unseen, and he gives you a Mas Raldo’s gem. Return down the ramp, but instead of entering the tunnel to Market area, turn right and enter the iris door. Use the gem on the console and board the transport to encounter Neru and enter the Adytum of the Unseen.

13. Use the red console to disable red force field and send forward a character in solo mode. Activate the green console and advance the character already between the fields. Finally, activate the blue console and move the advancing character to the yellow console on the far side to deactivate all force fields. Leave solo mode. At bottom of ramp, turn left and move to the end of the hall. Enter the room to the right of the rotating pylon. Climb the ramp to the chest at the top with a Green Unseen gem inside. Return down the ramp and exit the room. Turn right and enter the chamber room. In the room, open the yellow chamber and get the Red Unseen gem. Exit the room and proceed down the hallway. Ignoring the room you already entered, continue down the hall until you see a room on the left. Enter the room. Get the rough blue crystal from the blue pile of rock under the ramp. Go up the ramp and use the rough blue gem with the machine to make a blue gem. Return down the ramp, exit through the door and head left. Enter the room on the right past the floating ball and insert the red, green, and blue gems into their respective consoles. Activate the main console. Use the golem to activate the switch behind a rock shard facing the three tubes of energy to create a purple gem and unlock the bars at foot of ramp. Return the golem to its starting position and activate the shut-down console to switch back to the characters. Run down ramp and grab the purple gem. Return up the ramp and exit to the main hallway. Run left of the mirror ball and on the left is a console. Use the purple gem to activate the teleport exit to Unseen Boss.

14. At start of Unseen Boss, climb ramp with Maia and use her to activate the scrying pool console. Have Maia, now on her own, go through the doors after the modal sequence. Kill all enemies in each area from here to Iari in order to advance scripting. Follow hallway to a second door. Past second door, the ramp will lead Maia down into a summoning stone sequence (Eye Summon lvl 1). Defeat the Unseen Boss to proceed through the next door. Defeat more guards, and onto the mound for another sequence. Up the ramp and through door to use console, rebuilding Iari. Exit through the door behind Iari’s machine to Munari City 2.

15. Back in the Arena district, go up the ramp, through House Soliel, and back to Mas Ora to talk to Morbazan. Retrace footsteps through tunnel to the University district. Go down two ramps and exit through the iris door face at the end of the alley directly facing the bottom of the second ramp, past Sekkaf’s shrine. Door exits to world map. Use map to go to Eleh Caverns

16. Enter the mouth of Eleh caves and run past monsters to where the cave breaks into three branches. Continue straight through the brown cavern with multiple spiders (middle path). Turn left and go through the wooden door to Yago’s chamber. Examine the book to trigger Yago’s intro sequence. Have Yago dispel the barrier to the Tree of Eleh and exit the level.

17. On Eleh Fragment: Tree, run down the branches. Go left at the fork towards the summoning stone. Activate the bridge to the stone with the red ‘atom’ console. After activating the summoning stone (upgrade), activate the 2nd red ‘atom’ console and a bridge forms to the next series of branches. Go further down the branches to the portal that looks like a Venus Flytrap. Enter the portal to advance to Eleh Fragment: Sand

18. On Eleh Fragment: Sand, run down the branches past the monsters to the first modal sequence. Kill the monsters and step to the Venus Flytrap portal. Send two characters to use the portal, then try with the third. Fight down the branches to the next portal. Send a character through an advance to Eleh Fragment: Eye.

19. Begin Eleh Fragment Eye by running past monsters on the branch to the first modal sequence. Continue the mad dash down the branch to the Venus Flytrap teleporter. Send two characters on, and again the third will not be able to follow. After teleporting, run past the monsters and take the first right to the next modal sequence. The hairpin turn leads to the second portal of the level. Send a character through to advance to Eleh Fragment: Blood.

20. Maia, with the two characters that made the final portal jumps, will attack the boss of Eleh Fragment: Blood (Ezuran). After defeating the guardians, attack the stalk in the middle of the waving teeth formation. Continue to attack it until it is defeated, at which time the group is sent to the Wheel of Perduellion.

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