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'Special Forces: Team Factor' Ships September 24

by Thomas on Sept. 9, 2002 @ 4:32 p.m. PDT

Xicat Interactive, a Ft. Lauderdale-based video game publisher is set to release its newest title in the hugely popular team play category, U.S. Special Forces: Team Factor. This first person shooter, available Sept. 24, takes you to the very limits of military endurance and drops you head first into the world of covert military operations.

"U.S. Special Forces: Team Factor was a huge hit at ECTS. Team play games are extremely popular right now and we expect U.S. Special Forces: Team Factor to be a winner," says Reto Bodmer, president of Xicat Interactive.

U.S. Special Forces: Team Factor has a unique three-team scenario, with each team competing against the other two, all with overlapping objectives. Become a member of an elite fighting force as a soldier, scout, sniper or specialist. Players must move swift, silent and deadly in many drop zones such as a Siberian airfield, a Turkish bath, the Mekong Delta, a Middle Eastern port and locations in the U.S. The 3-D LightForce engine designed specifically for USSF brings the drop zones to life with superior graphics, texture mapping and extraordinarily smooth animations. USSF’s robust multi-player function allows for up to 30 players over LAN or Internet.

USSF requires a combination of strategy, stealth and firepower to accomplish and survive the lethal missions. Teams must work as one, think as one and become one to annihilate the opposition and get to the extraction point. U.S. Special Forces: Team Factor hits the shelves Sept. 24, for the PC and is rated M for Blood and Violence.

Features of U.S. Special Forces: Team Factor:

- 14 daring missions in hot drop zones around the globe to choose from

- Choose your character: soldier, scout, sniper or specialist

- Unique three-team play made up from elite forces spanning the world including, U.S. Special Forces, Russian Spednatz, SAS, Fallschirjaeger and Terrorist Independents

- 50 detailed firearms from manufacturers’ specifications

- Supports 30 players in a LAN or Internet session

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