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'American Conquest' Unveiled - Story, Features & Screens

by Thomas on Sept. 9, 2002 @ 5:21 p.m. PDT

Welcome to America, 1492. The undiscovered continent has for centuries remained a beautiful and peaceful place, its indigenous people – but for the next 321 years it is the place of bloody conflict and almost continual warfare. Welcome to American Conquest, the most ambitious real-time strategy game to emerge from the stables of CDV Software Entertainment UK, the genre’s masters.

American Conquest, is the latest masterpiece from the makers of Cossacks, the undisputed champions of several-thousand-unit combat. Spanning the moment Columbus set foot on America to the American War of Independence, players must shape the future of the continent through over 50 missions spread across eight campaigns.

The game features some of the biggest battles ever seen in a real-time strategy game, with each player able to command armies of up to 16,000 individual units. Advanced AI provides the sternest challenge yet, as commanders wage bloody war across a series of historical battles. Huge maps over 600 ‘screens’ large make each encounter a challenge – and with over 100 unique units and a similar amount of unique buildings, the tactical scope is immense.

12 separate forces laid a claim on the continent, and each is fully playable here. Spain, England, France, Aztecs, Incas, Mayas, Sioux, Delaware, Huron, Iroquois League, Pueblos and ‘modern’ USA all feature prominently – and each army offers a different challenge and strategy. Historically accurate militia and weapons feature throughout the game, providing a unique insight into the conflict of each era.

A beautiful display engine presents the battles in isometric 3D, with the easy-to-use point and click interface enabling easy deployment. Sounds booms thick and heavy across the battlefield – it’s like being there, only several hundred years later.

Players can opt to play against the computer or up to seven mates, via LAN or over the Internet. As well as brute force, diplomacy can be used to gain advantage – though players will need to keep an eye on their ‘allies’ in order to avoid double-crosses. A global ranking system will automatically determine the best American Conquest player in the world. Glory is only 321 years away…

American Conquest represents a leap for the genre. And hailing from the team behind the multi-award-winning team behind Cossacks, it will no doubt win armies of fans across the world – all set on claiming America as their own.

American Conquest will be published by CDV Software Entertainment UK for PC CD-ROM during quarter 2003, price £34.99.


Captivating real-time battle with up to 16,000 units

More than 50 versatile missions in eight thrilling campaigns – from Pizarro's Expedition, the War of Tecumseh, the Seven Years War, to the American War of Independence

12 different nations and tribes: Spain, England, France, Aztecs, Incas, Mayas, Sioux, Delaware, Huron, Iroquois League, Pueblos, USA

Huge maps (30x20 screens, 1024x768 pixels) and fascinating landscapes in four different climatic zones

Intricate diplomacy system

Natural environment can be used strategically: caves as hiding places or ambush starting points, hills extend the shooting range

Multiplayer modes for up to seven players via LAN or Internet

Detailed random maps in various sizes and with variable settings for unlimited gaming fun

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